Society for Information Display News November/December 2015 Issue 5

SID’s Display Training School Coaches the Next Generation

Less than 2 years ago, SID founded the Display Training School to prepare future members of the display industry.  “Display training is designed to attract talented scientists and engineers who are learning display technology.  It is also a great vehicle for serving SID members in building their careers,” says Yan.  As in any area of technology, the display industry needs a steady influx of new scientists in order to remain viable.  The DTS, which is currently under the direction of DTS Committee Chair Qun (Frank) Yan, is designed to provide global outreach that will help prepare the next generation for the display industry.  The program is starting out in China and will expand to other countries, including the U.S., in the future.

The first DTS course, on yield improvements for the TFT-LCD manufacturing process, took place in December 2014 in Nanjing.  Forty-seven students attended the two-day event, which included a factory tour.   Since then, the DTS has held three more classes in different areas of China, including Wuhan and Shanghai.  Thus far, three of the classes have covered LCD technology and one has covered OLEDs.

The DTS works with both academic and business partners in the regional areas of concentration to provide a training program that combines fundamental science with practical display knowledge.  Students come from both universities and companies involved in display manufacture and design.

Participants in the second DTS course learned about “Improving Production Yield of TFT-LCDs” in Hefei, China.  About 43 students from nine different companies attended.

Nominate Your Favorite Products for a Display Industry Award

If you’ve seen or used a new display product this year that you really like, let the rest of the industry know by nominating it for a Display Industry Award.  The DIAs are the display industry’s most prestigious honor, given annually by the Society for Information Display to recognize the year’s best new display products or applications.  There are three Awards categories: Display of the Year, Display Application of the Year, and Display Component of the Year.  Winners are selected by the Display Industry Awards Committee based on nominations from SID members and non-members alike, and the awards are announced and presented at Display Week.  Winning a DIA not only tells a company that it’s doing a great job – it helps build brand recognition both inside and outside the industry.

To nominate a product, component, or application that was commercially available in 2015, send an email titled DIA 2016 Nomination to  The Display Awards Committee will review your suggestion.

If your favorite products happen to be your own company’s products, you should nominate them yourself.  Visit http://display, download the appropriate nomination form, complete it entirely (including supporting documentation), and send it to

Act quickly: The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2016.