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The Pace of Innovation
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Properly Controlling Light Is a Human-Factors Engineering Problem
By Jim Larimer

SID's Best and Brightest: 2015 SID Honors and Awards 
This yearís winners of the Society for Information Displayís Honors and Awards include Junji Kido, who will receive the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize; Shohei Naemura, who will be awarded the Jan Rajchman Prize; Ingrid Heynderickx, who will receive the Otto Schade Prize; Jin Jang, who will be awarded the SlottowñOwaki Award; and Allan R. Kmetz, who will receive the Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award.
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Solid-State Lighting for Illumination and Displays: Opportunities and Challenges for Color Excellence
Solid-state light sources are transforming luminaires and information displays, enabling screens to illuminate rooms and luminaires to form images. Maintaining color excellence, from all perspectives, will be challenging but worthwhile.
By Lorne Whitehead

Frontline Technology: Why People Should Care About Light-Field Displays
Light-field displays have a wide range of potential applications, including 3-D television and projection systems, technologies for vision assessment and correction, and small form factors with support for focus cues in head-mounted displays.
By Gordon Wetzstein

Symposium Preview: Inspiration and Innovation Abound at Display Weekís Annual Technical Symposium
This year's technical program at Display Week features more than 460 papers on topics ranging from quantum dots to light-field displays.
By Jenny Donelan

Show Review: CES 2015: The Show of Everything (SoE)
For a consumer-electronics show, CES 2015 was noticeably shorter on traditional consumer-electronic products than in previous years.  Enterprise solutions ñ such as automotive electronics and displays - received as much attention as TVs.
By Ken Werner

SID News
EuroDisplay 2015 Call for Papers
By Jenny Donelan