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California Dreaming
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
Qualcomm Halts 4K Chip Production
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
A Short History of Backplane Technology
By Adi Abileah

SID's Best and Brightest: 2014 SID Honors and Awards
This year's winners of the Society for Information Displayís Honors and Awards include Dr. Katsumi Kondo, who will receive the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize; Dr. Dirk J. Broer, who will receive the Jan Rajchman Prize; Candice Brown Elliott, who will be awarded the Otto Schade Prize; Dr. Han-Ping Shieh, who will be awarded the Slottow-Owaki Prize; and Jenny Bach, who will receive the Lewis & Beatrice Winner Award.
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Reflection Performance in Curved OLED TVs
One of the creators of the IDMS (Information Display Measurements Standard) takes the measure of the latest large, curved OLED TVs. In this second article in a series, he looks at reflection performance and makes a discovery that may necessitate a revision to the reflection measurement procedure in the IDMS standard.
By Edward F. Kelley

Frontline Technology: The Future Is Paper Based
Paper may be the key to an entirely new class of inexpensive flexible electronics, including displays.
By Rodrigo Martins, Luis Pereira, and Elvira Fortunato

Frontline Technology: Flat-Panel-Display Backplanes: LTPS or IGZO for AMLCDs or AMOLED Displays?
After more than 20 years as the flat-panel-display backplane TFT material of choice, a-Si:H is running out of steam. The two contending replacement options are LTPS and IGZO. Which is better and how does this material choice impact the race between AMLCD and AMOLED-display front-plane technologies?
By John F. Wager

Symposium Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Displays (in Four Days)
he annual technical symposium at Display Week features a mix of breaking news, developments, and predictions from hundreds of key companies and academic institutions that can be found nowhere else.
By Jenny Donelan

Display Marketplace: OLED Lighting: The Differentiation Challenge
In order for OLED lighting to catch up to LED lighting, cost and performance gaps will have to narrow. In the interim, successful lighting companies will capitalize on OLED lightingís unique design attributes.
By Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

Show Review: CES 2014 Display Developments
This will go down as the year that both UHD and curved displays found commercial traction. It all began with a bang at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And there was even more to see at CES in January ñ including cars.
By Steve Sechrist

SID News: SID LA Chapterís One-Day Conference on Technologies for Advanced Television

By Ken Werner