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A Visionary Destination
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

LG and Samsung Bring Large, Curved OLED TV to Market
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

OLED Lighting Edges Closer to Commercial Reality
By Sven Murano

Display Week Review

I-Zone and Best-in-Show Winners

The Society for Information Display honored five exhibiting companies at Display Week 2013, the 50th annual SID International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, in Vancouver last May. These companies were Shinoda Plasma for best prototype in the Innovation Zone and Cima NanoTech, Universal Display Corp., E Ink, and 3M for Best-in-Show winners on the exhibit floor.
By Jenny Donelan

Touch Technology

2013 was a year of evolution and maturation for touch technology, with projected- capacitive dominating the exhibit floor like never before. This article takes a close look at the state of p-cap at the Vancouver show, as well as at the “Touch-Gesture-Motion” Market Focus Conference at Display Week.
By Geoff Walker


LCDs dominate the display market despite challenges.
By Alfred Poor


The 3-D technology on the show floor this year was represented primarily by small, glasses-free displays with improved image quality.
By Ken Werner


TVs were not the only OLED-based products of interest at Display Week.
By Sven Murano


A new product line from E Ink Corp. topped the surprises at this year’s show.
By Jason Heikenfeld

Venture Capital Series: Part II: Raising Capital for Technology Ventures

Investors come in different packages. It’s important to know the various types, along with their pluses and minuses. This article is the second of four in a series by a venture capital expert who has both launched and funded new companies.
By Helge Seetzen

Frontline Technology: OLEDs for Professional Lighting Applications

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) already represent a strong market segment in display applications such as mobile devices. In the lighting market, they are still in the beginning phase. To achieve a relevant market segment, OLED technology has to compete in terms of performance, cost, and other unique features against established light-source technologies.
By Jörg Amelung, Christian Kirchhof, Tino Göhler, and Michael Eritt

Frontline Technology: High-Performance White-OLED Devices for Next-Generation Solid-State Lighting

The efficacy of white OLEDs has reached 100 lm/W with RGB-phosphorescent emitters and light-extraction technologies. OLED has therefore already exceeded the efficacy of typical lighting equipment with fluorescent lamps.
By Kazuyuki Yamae, Hiroya Tsuji, Varutt Kittichungchit, Nobuhiro Ide, and Takuya Komoda

Frontline Technology: New Milestones for LED Lighting

Thin-film technology has enabled a new generation of high-brightness LEDs
By Martin Behringer

SID News: Display Week 2014 Symposium to Feature OLED TV, Wearable Displays, 3D, and Lighting

By Jenny Donelan