Products on Display at Display Week 2013

Some of the products on display at North America’s largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2013 International Symposium, Seminar, and  Exhibition (Display Week 2013) will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada, the week of May 19.  For 3 days, May 21–23, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems.  To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings.  The following is based on their responses.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA  (909) 980-1310
Booth 1032

Intelligent Displays

AMP Display will feature a DWIN Intelligent display that allows for interface design with minimal programming and increases time-to-market speeds through the following advantages:
• Without code programming, users may read and rewrite the code that is stored in the variable memory through serial ports.
• Equipped with functions that can convert image format and support animation effects and images, these intelligent displays has an extensive library full of fonts, icons, and image libraries available for user selection.
• With only an SD card containing DWIN_SET folder, interface effects can be made without PC terminal assistance.
• Extreme response speed of refresh time  to meet users’ real-time requirements.
• DGUS can achieve RTC display capabilities: up/down and zoom-in/out of curve as well as icon/images recycles automatic play with no involvement of MCU code.
• Users can choose to modify the display format during the operation process.


St. Paul, MN  651/646-6266
Booth 1131

Touch Films

Cima NanoTech’s SANTE FS200 Series Touch Films enable faster-response lower-cost large-format multi-touch displays.  SANTE Technology is a proprietary silver nanoparticle coating that self-aligns into a transparent ultra-conductive network. SANTE FS200 Touch Films provide outstanding electrical conductivity with surface resistance of less than 25 Ω/sq. and excellent light transmission of up to 88%.  With the lower resistance and higher current-carrying capacity of the SANTE  Network, the overall cost of the touch module is reduced through cost savings on IC chips, materials and processing.


Corning, NY  (607) 974-9000
Booth 801

Next-Generation Corning Lotus Glass

The Corning Lotus Glass platform is specially formulated for high-temperature processing.  Corning has developed a glass platform that better withstands the demanding processes involved in creating high-performance displays.  The next generation of Corning Lotus Glass has exceptional total pitch variation in higher-temperature processes, which delivers the performance required for oxide TFTs and LTPS backplanes.  Corning produces Lotus Glass using its patented fusion technology, which provides flat glass with pristine surface quality and excellent thickness control qualities essential for successful manufacture of LCDs and OLED displays.


Sudbury, MA  (978) 254-5275
Booth 539

Adhesives for Display Bonding

DELO has developed new optically clear light-
curing liquid adhesives that combine very good adhesion and durability with high transparency.  They enable a fast and flexible bonding of touch panels or cover glasses directly onto LCDs.  Thanks to their dual-curing capability they do not only cure by exposure to UV or visible light.  In shadow areas, e.g., under black masks, they reliably cure by means of a second curing mechanism through a reaction with moisture in the air.  DELO’s optically clear adhesives drastically reduce internal reflections and improve the shock and vibration performance.  Furthermore, fogging, condensation, or other contaminations are avoided.


Morgan Hill, CA  (408) 782-7773
Booth 732

LCD Controller

Digital View will introduce the SVX-1920-SDI LCD controller at Display Week 2013.  This single-board high-integration platform provides a range of industry-standard interfaces, including VGA, DVI, and HDMI.  It also supports dual-channel 3G HD-SDI and includes a built-in SFP optical interface.  The SVX-1920-SDI incorporates advanced features that come standard on Digital View controllers, while including comprehensive control via the RS232 interface and an update network interface that supports 100-MB rates.  The SVX-1920-SDI is ready to address applications for broadcast, post-production, security, and other segments requiring multi-interface support.


Doylestown, PA  (215) 348-5010
Booth 939

Dielectrically Enhanced ITO Coatings

Utilizing the latest in thin-film vacuum-deposition technology, Dontech’s CAR-Series and VC1-IM-Series index-matched ITO coatings on glass filters provide exceptional optical and electrically conductive properties.  Dontech’s precision glass optical filters are utilized in demanding military, medical, industrial, and avionics applications.  For high-end display programs, CAR-Serie are index-matched to air and VC1-IM-Series are index-matched to lamination to optimize display contrast (e.g., sunlight readability) while providing EMI/RFI shielding and/or transparent heating.  These filters can be fabricated from a variety of glass substrates, such as chemically strengthened (soda lime, Corning® Gorilla®, Asahi Dragontrail), borosilicate, fused silica, and optical glasses (e.g., Schott nBk-7).  Options include low photopic reflections and tight-tolerance resistances.  Standard AR coating reflections are as low as 0.1%, the CAR-Series are at 0.4%, and the VC1-IM Series ITO resistances range from less than 1 to 300 Ω/sq.


Gilching, Germany  +49-8105-77-80-90
Booth 1211

Evaluation Kit for Intelligent Displays

With its rich feature set, the EA eDIPTFT57-A intelligent display from Electronic Assembly is the ideal choice for implementation of interactive control in mechanical engineering and industrial electronics applications.  The high-contrast color screen, which measures 5.7 in. on the diagonal, has LED background illumination and a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels.  Its most important feature, however, is the built-in intelligence which greatly facilitates integration of the display modules into the application.  The Evaluation Kit, which is tailored specifically to this display, makes development work even easier.  Electronic Assembly supplies the kit to speed up the commissioning process and facilitate familiarization with the world of intelligent displays.  It includes everything needed to get started including an evaluation/programmer board, EA eDIPTFT57-ATP color display, USB cable, touch panel, plug-top power supply (with international adapters), and a mini-DVD containing software, documentation and sample macros.


Germantown, WI  1-800-888-0698
Booth 541


Ellsworth adhesives provide low-pressure molding contract manufacturing services, combining the superior performance of Henkel Macromelt thermoplastic encapsulants with the versatility of a Mold-Man 8000 low-pressure injection molding system from Cavist Manufacturing.  Electronic overmolding is a unique process which helps to dramatically reduce costs, provide a simple one-step molding alternative, and deliver measurable improvements in manufacturing efficiency.  It is ideal for low-to-high volume production quantities.  This system controls volume and pressure independent of each other providing the flexibility to over-mold complex circuit boards and connectors.


Endicott, NY  607/754-9187
Booth 508

CCFL to LED Driver Connectivity

ERG’s Smart Bridge modules enable quick, easy integration of a replacement OEM LED display into an existing CCFL design with one simple swap.  Remove the inverter, plug in the footprint-compatible Smart Bridge module, and connect the input cable from the existing power supply or controller to the Smart Bridge.  The Smart Bridge module converts the Power · Ground · Enable · Control signals and mates directly to the LCD via a small harness, powering the new backlight driver correctly.  This avoids the time-consuming and expensive alternative of system re-design.  Available in 5-, 12-, and 24-V modules.


Billerica, MA  (978) 667-3805
Booth 1035

UV Curiable Adhesives

Epoxy Technology (EPO-TEK®), a leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives offers unique UV curable adhesives for display applications, especially EPO-TEK OG116-31.  This thixotropic product is designed for perimeter and plug seals of LCDs and is compatible with several liquid crystals.   EPO-TEK OG116-31 is a robust material with low WVTR, able to be thermally post-cured for enhanced properties.  Epoxy Technology provides a comprehensive line of specialty adhesives for display applications including OLED, ITO to PCB, gasket seal of LCD glass to glass, glob top, die attach of LCD to PCB, and laminating optical glass plates.


Dresden, Germany  +49-3-51-88-23-0
Booth 1209

Color-Filter-Less Full-Color OLED Microdisplays

Fraunhofer COMEDD and VON ARDENNE will present color-filter-less full-color OLED micro-display technology will introduce this technology at Display Week 2013 for the first time.


Dresden, Germany  +49-3-51-88-23-238
Booth 1209

Laser Scanning Projectors

Fraunhofer IPMS will be demonstrating laser scanning projectors based on its own silicon micro scanning mirrors.  Both resonant mirrors that perform a continuous sinusoidal movement around one or two axes and quasi-static scanners that move linearly in one axis or steer light at a certain direction are available.  All MEMS devices are fabricated in medium quantities at Fraunhofer IPMS’ own 1500-m2 silicon clean room.  In addition, FPIMS is offering complete system designs for laser projection systems, including laser integration, optics design, driving electronics, and software.  The demonstrator that will be shown at Display Week 2013 features the full range of development capabilities.


Sunnyvale, CA  (408) 745-4900
Booth 928

4-Wire Resistive Touch Panels

Fujitsu Components America is highlighting its new high-clarity Feather Touch 4-wire resistive touch panels.  Due to advances in Fujitsu’s materials and process engineering, these panels allow sharper images when used with high-resolution LCDs.  Sizes include 3.5 in. up to 17 in. in 4 × 3 aspect ratio, with wide formats (16 × 9) also available.  Feather Touch Panels have a proprietary top film that responds to 0.02–0.3N input force to enable pinch, expand, rotate, and flick/swipe gesturing with multiple input options, including finger, passive stylus, glove, etc.  Specifications include 82–90% transparency and a –5 to 60°C operating temperature with 1 million finger input operations (minimum) guaranteed performance.


Plymouth, MI  (734) 459-1177
Booth 545

OLED Displays

Futaba Corporation of America will feature 3.5-in. OLED high-resolution (228 × 168 dots) mono-chrome (white) displays with an active area of 70.7 × 52.1 mm, pixel pitch of 0.31 × 0.31mm, luminance of 300 cd/m2, 16 gray scales, and parallel Interface parallel.


Orlando, FL  (407) 422-3171 x206
Booth 940

Customizable Display Measurement System

With the OL 770-ADMS, fast, precise and custom-izable display measurements are easy and at your fingertips!  This modular, motion-controlled platform is suitable for a variety of automated measurement applications, including display testing.  The system features our OL 770 High-Speed Multi-channel Spectroradiometer  making for a complete, robust, and flexible tool.  The motion system is expandable up to five axes (x, y, z, horizontal, and vertical).  Powerful software allows users to create scripted automation and even the integration of other measurement tools for fully automated parameter testing.


Rocky Hill, CT  (860) 571-5128
Booth 431

Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives

When direct bonding LCDs, liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCAs) remain uncured in shadowed areas behind ink patterns.  Side, heat, and moisture curing can help, but have limitations.  Henkel’s groundbreaking Loctite® 3196PR LOCA cures on exposure to primer Loctite® 7389.  A fast, simple, low-cost process applies the primer to shadowed areas with a felt pad.  The adhesive cures rapidly when it contacts the primer – typically in 1–2 hours at room temperature.  Loctite 3196PR is complementary to Loctite 3196, currently used in mass produced displays ranging from mobile phones to monitors.


Krailling, Germany  +49-89-899-4828
Booth 1302

Laser-Cutting Process

Chemically strengthened glass has become a must-have for advanced smart phones, tablets, and other portable electronics.  It offers superior hardness and scratch resistance, but it presents challenges in production. The thicker the chemically strengthened layer, the more difficult it becomes to cut the glass with conventional methods. The InnoLas laser cutting process allows the cutting of chemically strengthened glass with a layer thickness of up to 100 µm, requiring no or little post processing.  Additionally, this unique InnoLas glass cutting process allows a high-quality drilling and cutting of inner contours and features (e.g., holes or slots) into chemically strengthened glass with a DOL of 40 µm and above, without chipping, micro cracks and breakouts.


Miaoli, Taiwan  +886-37-586393 #21
Booth 412

Touch-on-Display Technology

Innolux will feature its innovated Touch-on-Display (TOD) technology that enables multitouch sensitivity all the way to the edges of the screen on different display platforms including smartphones, DSCs, AV, and tablets) at high resolution.  Innolux’s innovated TOD technology does not add to the thickness of the LCM module, does not complicate display production, provides better CG strength/protection, and does not need to be synced to the display.


Muenchen, Germany  +49-89-454943-23
Booth 1120

Display Measurement System

The DMS 803 from Instrument Systems offers optimum convenience for angle-dependent analysis of electro-optical characteristics of small- to mid-sized displays.  The measurement system is based on a fully motorized 6-axis goniometer for determining luminance, contrast, and color properties at different viewing angles and variable electrical driving.  It is perfectly suitable for all applications in research and development, as well as quality control.  The DMS 803 is ideal for determining the characteristics of displays for mobile applications (smartphone, tablet PC) with a comprehensive range of illumination devices and temperature-controlled chambers.


Austin, TX  (512) 339-4739
Booth 934

Single Outline Connectors

I-PEX by Dai-Ichi Seiko, Ltd., will feature the EvaFlex®5-VS for shielded FFC/FPC.  High-bit-rate differential signal transmission carried by 100-Ω-differential-impedance single-sided-shielded FFC conductors have been tested at 6 GT/sec.  They have an audible insertion click and tactile feedback.  The contact design is unique, the W (2-point) contact and the locking features a high retention force.  The PCB pad layout for the EvaFlex5-VS is same as that for the VESA® 16:9 NB panel connector Cabline®-VS.  The number of positions available is 10p – 50p.


Ramsey, NJ  (201) 818-3574
Booth 1124

2D Color Analyzer

The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is used for high-resolution two-dimensional measurements of luminance and chromaticity in displays.  It is ideal for the evaluation and inspection of a variety of display technologies such as smartphones and tablet PCs.  It uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements that have high correlation with the spectral response of the human eye. The low-luminance measurement range has improved from 0.1 to 0.05 cd/m2.  The service-life measurement cycles have increased to approximately five times that of the CA-2000, which makes it applicable for use in production areas.


Westborough, MA  (508) 870-5959
Booth 1307

Compact Display Module

Kopin will feature White Pearl, a compact display module (28.7 × 12.9 × 8 mm) designed for emerging wearable computing/communications devices.  Integrating a transmissive LCD (428 × 240 resolution, 0.2-in/ on the diagonal), efficient backlight, and precision optics, White Pearl provides a bright full-color image with less than 0.2% distortion in a 15° field of view with a comfortably large eye box (8 mm) and eye relief (25 mm).  White Pearl and Kopin's A230 display-driver ASIC consume less than 100 mW at a display brightness of 1000 nits, sufficient for outdoor usage.  A frame-buffer memory residing in the ASIC can further save system power consumption.


Plymouth, MI  (734) 416-8500
Booth 733

Industrial and Automotive TFT-LCDs

Kyocera Display Division will introduce seven new TFT-LCDs for the industrial and automotive display markets.  These new products feature advanced wide-viewing technology, super high brightness, and many other exciting features.  Advanced Wide-Viewing technology delivers true color (no gray inversion) from any angle and provides the best optical performance.  The product is developed using high-efficiency long-lifetime LED backlighting solutions in both standard bright and high bright (1200 nit) versions.  Other features include touch-screen options, built-in LED driver control, wide temperature range, etc.


Seoul, Korea  +82-2-3777-1022
Booth 1012

Full Line of Ultra-High-Definition Displays

LG Display will unveil the world’s first full lineup of Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) displays in 84-, 65-, and 55-in. sizes at Display Week 2013, featuring 4 × higher resolution than Full-HD displays with 8.3 million pixels and utilizing innovative IPS technology for superior picture quality at wide viewing angles which is critical for larger-sized displays. The panels also adopt LG Display's acclaimed FPR 3D technology for remarkable 3D quality with no flicker, high luminance, comfortable glasses, and minimal cross talk.  As higher resolutions become mandatory for larger TVs, LG Display’s UHD panels truly are setting the standard for this class of displays.


Suwon, Korea  +82-(0)-31-206-8009
Booth 723

OLED Display Test System

McScience will exhibit its M7000 OLED Display Test System that features:
• Multichannel lifetime and IVL measurement system
• Individual temperature control
• Electrical/optical test of OLED cell/panel/module
• Optical test : luminance, chromaticity, spectrum, CCT, CRI
• Display test: Contrast ratio, gamma, uniformity, cross talk, image sticking
• Quality test : Response time, flicker, pixel quality, dark spot


Mainz, Germany, +49-(0)-6131-7321
Booth 1205

Ultra-Thin-Glass Laser Cutting

MDI Schott will feature laser glass-cutting machines for Gen 2 (pictured) up to Gen 5 and larger.  Glass cutting solutions are available for glass thicknesses from 30 to 300 µm, featuring easy glass handling due to cutting by CO2 lasers without microcracks.  The edge strength is about 3–4 times higher than a conventional high-quality score-wheel cut!  This technology enables the jump from labor samples to industrial production.


Dallas, TX  (214) 673-6423
Booth 641

Slot Die Coating Systems

The nRad line is a series of small, low priced, slot die coating systems built upon nTact’s patented technology and engineered for use in R&D and pre-production environments.  The nRad’s simple yet flexible design provides accurate deposition of a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. The systems are compatible with inert gas gloveboxes and laboratory benchtops.  The nRad is designed for processing 150 and 200-mm square substrates, with options for wafers up to 200 mm or panels up to A4 size.  The new nRad2 is available for substrates up to 370 × 470 mm, as well as 300-mm wafers.


Dallas, TX  (214) 635-1920
Booth 1221

Projected-Capacitive Touch Panels

Ocular’s Crystal Touch projected-capacitive touch panels are now available in custom designs that are specifically tailored for outdoor applications.  The sun can cause birefringence, i.e., a “rainbow effect,” on a touch panel.  Users wearing polarized sunglasses are impacted the most by birefringence, which significantly impacts display clarity and viewability.  Ocular touch panels designed for outdoor use are constructed to eliminate birefringence without the use of special coatings, which reduce sensor durability.


Meadville, PA  (814) 333-2222
Booth 616

Projective-Capacitive Touch-Screen Enhancements

Optical Filters has expanded its range of touch-screen enhancements to compliment the growing requirements of projective-capacitive touch-screen technology.  Using class-100 clean rooms, Optical Filters offers the integration of cosmetic cover glass and plastic with the capability to add high-quality printed borders where required.  Proven bonding capabilities include full optical bonding to LCDs together with both dry-film and PSA lamination.  Light-control options for privacy filters and controlled viewing angles at 180° and 360° can be used on their own or combined with coatings and micro-replicated meshes for the best in emi-shielding and optical performance.  For operation in extremely cold conditions, transparent heaters may be used on their own or combined with any of the technologies above for a multi-functional solution.


Bava, Germany  +49-911-20249-0
Booth 1310

Transparent Conductive Films

PolyTC® films are transparent conductive films for touch sensors, displays, and EMI protection and can be used for electrodes or electrical heating elements.  A PolyTC® film consists of thin metal layers on a plastic film [usually polyester (PET)].  It is produced in a roll-to-roll process with a minimum structure size in the micrometer range.  They are ideal in applications where high transparency and high electrical surface conductivity are needed.  In many applications, PolyTC® films replace the widely used indium tin oxide (ITO).  Applications of PolyTC® include touch screens, touch controls, EMI shielding, transparent heating films, and electrodes (e.g., for displays or photovoltaics).  Further applications includes ESD security or high-resolution flexible circuits.


Englishtown, NJ  (732) 792-8035
Booth 313

Small-Gauge Coaxial and Discrete Twisted-Pair Micro Coaxial Cables

Quadrangle Products supports Micro Coaxial Cable assemblies and interconnects for panels, motherboards, and other various components.  Many of these connectors are found on LVDS devices such as LCDs (LG, Samsung, AUO, etc.) and embedded motherboards (most notably Intel DH61AG, DQ77KB, DN2800MT, and D2500CC).  Micro-Coax-connector-based cables can be made by using both Micro Coaxial wire and Discrete Twisted-Pair construction.  Quadrangle’s engineers can help to guide customers through the various design and construction challenges that can be associated with micro coax cables and micro-coax-based transitions.


Redmond, WA  (425) 844-5894
Booth 844

Imaging Colorimeters

Radiant Zemax with feature the The ProMetric® I, next-generation imaging colorimeters optimized for automated visual inspection in high-volume manufacturing of flat-panel displays (FPDs), FPD subsystems, and illuminated keypads.  The ProMetric I uses a high-resolution high-speed CCD sensor to enable more thorough and complete testing, without impacting production throughput.  ProMetric I is built on a highly reliable, proven platform and incorporates features such as Ethernet and on-board calibration that is ideally suited for a manufacturing environment.  ProMetric I is available in two configurations with scientific-grade thermoelectrically cooled 8- or 16-Mpixel CCD sensors.


San Diego, CA  (858) 278-7300
Booth 220

Optical Bonding Service

Santek provides an optical bonding service with a unique material called Opt Alpha Gel, which is applied in between touch panel and LCD, or protective panel.  Opt Alpha Gel improves the visibility of display by decreasing outside light reflection and LCD surface reflection.  Also, a higher luminance is obtained by decreasing the reflection from the LCD.  In addition, the softness of the gel improves the shock resistance and stress release of an LCD.  Also, Opt Alpha Gel has flexible workability compared to that of other materials, and it’s re-workable!


Exton, PA  (610) 363-4100
Booth 1132

Curable Resins

The CN4000 series of oleophobic exterior-grade ultraviolet and electron-beam-energy curable resins provide excellent protection for polyester, polycarbonate, and acrylic films.  Accelerated weathering testing proves the materials can take the abuse of a wide range of climates for top-coating highly transparent films and glass.  The low refractive index provides anti-reflective properties for inter-layer coating or adhesive, reducing the loss of light transmission between layers and the top coated surfaces while maintaining excellent physical and color stability.


Hamburg, Germany  +49-(0)-40-416-22-64-80
Booth 916

3D Autostereoscopic Display

SeeFront’s first hardware product, its 3D auto-stereoscopic 23-in. display, will be launched at Display Week.  SeeFront focuses on delivering the best possible 3D image quality for a single user.  SeeFront’s glasses-free 3D technology allows the user to move in all directions.  The 23-in. display component can be integrated in customer-specific settings.  With housing, it can be used as a monitor or even as an all-in-one PC.  Also available with and without an integrated touch screen.  The stereo camera for eye-position tracking is also integrated.  It utilizes a lenticular optical filter and has an LCD panel resolution of 1920 × 1080.


Barcelona, Spain  +34-938-280-333
Booth 1333

Anti-Glare Glass for High-Definition Displays

HapticGlas®, a new anti-glare glass line for HD displays launched by acid-etch specialist Sevasa, will be featured at Display Week.  This non-glare micro-etched passive-haptic glass surface provides exceptional tactile feedback, reducing fingerprints and increasing scratch resistance – all at the largest-sized format [up to 225 × 321 cm (88 × 126 in.)].  HapticGlas is ideal for high-resolution applications, requiring no sparkle and low haze with no maintenance and high durability, such as multi-touch walls and tables, HD displays, digital signage, ATMs, point-of-sale, and outdoor applications.  Sevasa’s unique know-how comes from 30 years of specializing in acid-etching technical glass, including Environmental ISO 14001 and Quality ISO 9001 certifications.


Shenzhen, China  +86-755-863-07270
Booth 213

Lamonation Process

Shenzhen Leaguer Optronics specializes in OCA and LOCA technology and performs innovative research and development that has lead to a variety of patents on glass-type or TP-on-LCM (hard to hard fit), film type (soft to hard fit), all-in-one type (explosion-proof film laminating), 3D fitting, shaped fit, etc.  Shenzhen Leaguer Optronics has mastered the best module lamination process.


sim4tec GmbH
Dresden, Germany  +49-(0)-351-4466499
Booth 1202

Organic Material Analyzer

sim4tec’s Organic Material Analyzer (OMA) is a breakthrough in the analysis of any organic material serving the organic and printed electronics industry. The instrument measures with highest accuracy the current–voltage characteristics (I–V) of any organic material sample in a wide temperature range under vacuum conditions.  The OMA calculates with superior mathematical algorithms all important electrical material parameters (e.g., HOMO, LUMO, mobilities, and traps based on the precisely measured I–V data.  The tool can be used for characterization and quality control of organic materials in R&D or production environment throughout the entire organic electronics industry value chain.


Chula Vista, CA  (619) 216-6477
Booth 1139

Projected-Capacitive Touch Panel

SMK introduces its latest projected-capacitive touch panel that meets a demand for multi-touch operations for automotive navigation systems and consoles.  Its navigate multi-touch, flick, scrolling, and drag-and-drop functions operate with ease. Features include:
• Meets automotive high-heat operating and storage-temperature requirements
• Reflectance as low as 1.5% for improved visibility under direct sunlight
• Feather-light touch operations
• Display size of up to 10 in.
• Simultaneous input with all 10 fingers
• Operating temperature: –30 to +85°C
• Storage temperature: –40 to +95°C
• Typical transparency: 90% maximum
• Typical reflectance: 1.5% minimum
• Input force: Zero N


Anaheim, CA  (714) 630-7127
Booth 727

Highly Transparent Conductor and Barrier Coating for Flexible Displays:  OLED and OPV

TFD has developed a highly conductive film by using an engraved nanoparticle scheme with Ni:Ag:Cu materials, producing <0.5 Ω/sq. with a transmission of 92% for a range of 400–2500 nm.  This economical process results in lower costs than that of traditional TCOs, i.e., ITO.  Offered in both glass and plastic films, i.e., PET and PEN, which are coated with a superb barrier coating on both sides of the substrate and meets and exceeds less than 1 × 10–5 gm–m2/day.  This is a non-ITO coating material which is ideal for the mass production of OLED lighting and OPV large formats.


Chino, CA  (909) 590-5833
Booth 206,221

TFT High-Definition Display

TIANMA will highlight one of its hottest products this year, the TL045JDXP01, a new 4.5-in. TFT-HD (720 × 1280) with an LED backlight, narrow bezel, and slim design.  This is a high-quality display suitable for mobile application and similar products.


Elmhurst, IL  (855) 387-2682
Booth 326

Touch Screens

UICO provides the most durable touch solutions available for durable goods and demanding applications.  duraTOUCH® touch screens are built to stand the test of time in the most harsh and demanding environments.  Through the combination of unique substrates and waterSENSE® and gloveSENSE® technologies, touch is no problem in extreme temperatures, under direct exposure to rain, seawater, sweat, blood, oil, or any other slick substance, and through any kind of gloves improving efficiency and keeping hands safe.  With full service and global support, UICO offers a comprehensive range of duraTOUCH® standard products, and custom solutions designed to your exact specifications.


Ewing, NJ  609/671-0980
Booth 210,514

OLED Technologies and Phosphorescent OLED Materials

Universal Display, a leading developer of OLED technologies and materials for displays and lighting,  will exhibit the company’s product line of energy-efficient UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent OLED materials, UniversalP2OLED® ink systems for solution processing and prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including its WOLED® White OLED, flexible OLED, barrier, and advanced patterning process technologies.  Also, offering technology development and technology transfer services to support the smooth adoption of technology and materials.


St. Charles, MO  (636) 300-5100
Booth 409

Reflective Display Measurement System

The FPM-505R is perfectly suited for automated reflective measurement and optical performance assessment of reflective, emissive, and transmissive displays under a variety of lighting conditions.  The FPM-505R comes standard with a spectrometer for center-screen and viewing-angle measurements of luminance, color, contrast, uniformity, gamma, color gamut, cross talk, and other custom tests with an optional TRD-200 for temporal measurements such as flicker and response time.  The FPM-505R includes a removable hemisphere which provides illumination for diffuse reflection measurements while a directed light source is integrated on a sixth motorized axis for both specular and diffuse reflection measurements.  •