The Evolution of Displays through Innovation

Electronic information displays touch nearly all aspects of modern life. Display Week’s 2013 Keynote addresses will provide a vision of how the evolution of display technology through innovation will change the shape and look of the displays of the future.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kinam Kim, President & CEO, Samsung Display Co.

“Displays and Innovation:  An Exciting Future”

Our industry is forced to re-invent itself as users are in need of better and more exciting uses for displays.  They want rich, dynamic, immersive experiences, which will require innovations in user interface/interaction as well as advancements in panel technologies.  Challenges along the path to this exciting future will be presented.

Mr. Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Corp.

“The Social Life of Devices”

Just as we are learning to manage the complexity imposed upon users by individual devices, the problem is shifting to that imposed by the ecosystem.  Welcome to the shifting sands of ubiquitous computing!  Managing this complexity is critical to the continued growth of our industry.  The means of doing so lies in social computing – amongst the society of appliances.

Professor John F. Wager, The Michael and Judith Gaulke Endowed Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of EECS, Oregon State University

“Exciting Developments in Oxide-TFT Technology”

Amorphous-oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors (TFTs) are transitioning towards commercialization for active-matrix liquid-crystal-display (AMLCD) applications.  They also appear well-positioned to meet the more demanding challenges associated with active-matrix organic light-emitting devices (AMOLEDs).  The objective of this talk is to review the origins and current status of amorphous-oxide-semiconductor (AOS) TFTs for display applications.

2013 SID Technical Program to Include Special Technology Tracks

The Society for Information Display’s annual Symposium at Display Week offers a wide selection of presentations on display technology that simply cannot be found anywhere else.  This year’s technical program consists of 68 technical sessions with over 250 oral presentations and an additional 150 papers to be presented at the Thursday afternoon Poster Session.  Join us in Vancouver (Tuesday, May 21 – Friday, May 24) to hear the latest developments in the display industry. This year’s special areas of focus are OLED TV, Oxide TFTs, Touch and Interactivity, 3D, and Lighting.  Here is just a sampling of those topics and other innovations you can expect to find at this year’s symposium:


This Special Topic will cover OLEDs specialized for TV applications.  Papers on advanced OLED TV technologies will be included.  OLED-based displays have several unique attributes that continue to drive interest for television applications.  Also, the explosion in portable video-capable devices such as tablets and smart-phones place high demands for the displays.  3D television application puts a higher demand on display power, response times, and high dynamic range.

Papers in this session include:

      Progress and Commercialization of AMOLED TV
      A 55-in. AMOLED TV Using Oxide TFTs and WRGB Design
      A 65-in. Amorphous-Oxide-TFT AMOLED TV Using Side-by-Side and Fine-Metal-Mask Technology

Oxide TFTs

Oxide-semiconductor technology is emerging as a strong competitor to thin-film silicon technologies for active-matrix backplanes.  However, there are several critical issues related to oxide materials and these are associated with the overall characteristics of mass-produced devices, including stability (over time, temperature, and light), uniformity, mobility, etc.  Clearly, to be viable these devices need to be made at costs comparable to that of conventional Si-based TFTs.  Sessions related to oxide-based TFTs and displays driven by oxide-based TFTs include:

      Oxide TFTs I & II
      Oxide-TFT Reliability
      OLED and Oxide-TFT Manufacturing
      Oxide-TFT Manufacturing

Touch and Interactivity

Since the launch of touch-enabled mobile devices several years ago, touch has become an increasingly crucial component for numerous display products.  Touch is in an evolutionary phase now, and this year’s papers reflect the diversity of applications, advanced sensors and materials, and touch integration and applications.  The topics to be covered include:

      Touch User Experience
      Touch Integration and Controllers
      Touch Applications
      Touch Sensors, Materials, and Manufacturing


Possibly the biggest commercial story in displays in recent years is the arrival of 3D-ready TVs.  Now that they have arrived, the story is far from over. Researchers continue to pursue the different approaches of active-shutter vs. passive glasses technology, and glasses-free viewing is a major challenge that many experts believe must be met in order to make 3D displays truly successful.  This year’s presentations also cover topics such as autostereoscopic 3D displays, 3D and perception, volumetric and holographic displays, and stereoscopic and display applications.  The symposium includes the following sessions:

      Autostereoscopic and Multi-View I & II
      LC Technology for 3D I & II
      Holographic and Volumetric Displays
      Light-Field Displays
      Perception in 3D Displays
      3D Algorithms and Driving
      3D Applications
      3D Projection Screens


Solid-State lighting has begun to fulfill its promise with regard to saving energy and providing design flexibility.  However, LEDs have made more commercial inroads in this area than OLEDs, which are currently available only in high-end architectural applications.  OLED papers therefore form the bulk of this year’s solid-state-lighting sessions, as the industry pushes to develop higher-efficiency, higher-performing OLED panels.  Other solid-state-lighting papers will focus on trends in LED illumination.  The symposium includes the following topics:

      OLED Lighting I & II
      Human Factors on Lighting
      Lighting Designs

Market Focus Conferences

After a very successful debut in 2010, the Market Focus Conferences will once again be held in conjunction with Display Week.  They will cover the following two topics:

      Touch Gesture Motion (Wednesday, May 22, 2013)
      High-Performance Displays (Thursday, May 23, 2013)

Each Market Focus Conference will concentrate on the critical market development issues facing each of these technologies.  Developed in collaboration with IHS, the conference will feature presentations and panel sessions with executives throughout the display supply chain.  Conference fees include a continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, access to the Exhibit Hall and Symposium Keynote Session on Tuesday morning, and electronic copies of the presentation material.  Registration for the Market Focus Conferences does not require a current SID membership.

Touch Gesture Motion:  The 2013 SID Touch Gesture Motion Conference will focus on next-generation touch, gesture, and motion-based technologies applicable to the display industry.  The conference will focus on future technology and interactivity trends – and not so much on what is currently available in the marketplace.  Interactive display technologies are one of the most intriguing aspects of the display industry – helping to enable completely new usage models in multiple applications.  Highlights of the conference will include actual demonstrations from some of the leading-edge innovators, bringing together many of our senses – sight, touch, motion, sound ... .

This event builds on the three prior events presented at past Display Week Conferences, as well as three separate 2-day TGM conferences.  The primary goal is to assure that the events are complementary – with minimal overlap.  The objective is to establish a series of non-duplicative events such that delegates can easily justify repeat attendance with the assurance of highly differentiated programs.

High-Performance Displays:  The 2013 SID High-Performance Displays Conference will highlight next-generation display technologies that offer significant opportunities to enhance the visual experience.  The event will focus on performance parameters, more so than the specific display technologies.  The technologies necessary to promote improved performance will be highlighted.  The event will enable delegates to consider various performance trade-offs related to the future of vision-based devices.

This event is a new event – but directly focuses on one of the biggest opportunities for both display makers and device manufacturers – to truly differentiate their product offerings.  The event is expected to garner considerable interest and discussion as various performance parameters are presented and compared.

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SID Business Enterprise (Business Conference and Investors Conference)

Business Conference:  The 2013 SID Business Conference will be held on Monday, May 20, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  It will provide a unique forum where attendees will gain insight from leading minds from both Wall Street and the display industry and focus on the theme “Paths to a Healthier Display Industry.” Inspirational presentations from industry leaders and IHS analysts will take an integrated view assessing the current health of the industry and focus on what it would take to improve the health of the industry, identifying some specific exciting trends, and its impact on the display supply chain. The Business Conference will feature keynotes and presentations from industry leaders, lively panel sessions, and ample networking opportunities.

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Investors Conference: Co-sponsored by Cowen & Co., LLC, a securities and investment banking firm, this Conference, to be held on Tuesday, May 21, will feature company presentations from leading public and private display companies, intended to appeal primarily to securities analysts, portfolio managers, investors, M&A specialists, and display company executives.

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2013 SID Seminar Series

Sunday Short Courses

The Society for Information Display presents four 4-hour short courses on diverse topics related to information display on Sunday, May 19.  The tutorials are characterized by technical depth and small class size.  The classes will cover the fundamentals of electronic information displays and will be held on the morning and afternoon of the Sunday preceding the Symposium.  Full-color tutorial notes will be distributed to all participants and are included in the fee.  Ample time will be provided for questions from the audience.  The speakers are leaders in their respective fields and bring an international perspective to information display.

    S-1: Fundamentals of OLED Technology
    S-2: Fundamentals of 3D Computer Vision and Applications to Interactive Devices
    S-3: Fundamentals of TFT Backplane Technologies and Progress Made on Metal-Oxide TFTs
    S-4: Fundamentals of Touch Technologies

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Monday Technology / Applications Seminars

The SID Technology / Applications Seminars to be held on Monday, May 20, present lectures on diverse topics related to electronic information displays.  These seminars are tutorial in nature, and an attempt is made to provide information at three levels.  First and foremost, the technical foundations of the topic are treated in detail.  Next, recent technical advances are discussed, and, finally, the current state of the art and the projection of future trends are analyzed.  The Applications Seminars focus on the application and evaluation of information displays.

These seminars benefit both newcomers and experienced professionals.  Engineers new to assignments in information display find them especially helpful in getting up to speed quickly.  Experienced professionals attend to keep up with recent developments in fields closely related to their specialties.  Managers attending the seminars obtain a broad perspective of the display field and a sense of its recent dynamics.  Attendees will receive an excellent set of full-color notes, consisting of the instructor’s presentation slides replete with references and illustrations.  Ample time is provided for questions from the audience in each session.  The speakers are leaders in their fields who bring an international perspective to information display.

Track 1:  Display Marketplace
        M-1:  The Next Big Thing
        M-6:  Display Market Trends

Track 2:  Mobile Displays
        M-2:  Advanced Mobile-Display Technologies
        M-7:  Mobile Multimedia Displays

Track 3:  Touch and Interactivity
        M-3:  Status and Future of Touch Technologies
        M-8:  Touch-Display Integration

Track 4:  Liquid-Crystal Technology
        M-4:   Fast-Field-Switching (FFS) Mode and Its Applications
        M-9:   Fast-Switching Technologies for LC Devices toward Low-Power Display Systems

Track 5:  OLED Displays
        M-5:   Challenges of AMOLED TVs and Flexible AMOLED Displays
        M-10:  OLED Technology

Track 6:  Display Components and Metrology
        M-11:  Optical Coatings and Films
        M-16:  Display Measurement Basics and Practical Considerations

Track 7:  Lighting
        M-12:  Backlighting LEDs in General Illumination
        M-17:  OLED Lighting

Track 8:  3D Technology
        M-13:  LC Technology for 3D Applications
        M-18:  Signal Processing for Stereoscopic 3D Displays

Track 9:  Oxide TFTs
        M-14:  Oxide TFTs: Technology Trends in Materials and Processes
        M-19:  Device Structures and Stability of Oxide TFTs

Track 10:  Flexible-Display Technology
        M-15:  Flexible OLEDs for Display and Lighting Applications
        M-20:  A Critical and Current Review of the Present and Future Prospects for e-Paper

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Annual Awards Luncheon

The annual SID Awards Luncheon will take place at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, May 22, in Room 301/305 of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

This year’s luncheon speaker will be Prof. Ronald A. Rensink from the Departments of Computer Science and Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Professor Rensink will discuss “When Vision Science Met Information Display.”

Also, the 2013 Display Industry Awards honoring the best of the industry in 2012 and the 2013 SID Best-in-Show and I-Zone award winners will be announced.  Also, the SID 2013 honors and award recipients will be acknowledged.

Special Event

The Vancouver Aquarium – Sponsored by Henkel

Come join us on this special event on Wednesday evening to the Vancouver Aquarium, the largest in Canada and one of the five largest in North America.  The Vancouver Aquarium was the first aquarium in the world to capture and display an orca.  For more details regarding the Vancouver Aquarium, please visit

Display Week 2013 Overview

Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
May 19–24, 2013

Display Week 2013
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