Products on Display at Display Week 2012

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-information-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2012 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2012) will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts, the week of June 3. For 3 days, June 5–7, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

St. Paul, MN             651/733-9103
Booth 151

Multi-Touch Desktop Displays

3M Multi-Touch Desktop Displays take interactivity to the next level by combining uncompromising multi-touch performance, brilliant high-definition graphics, wide viewing angles, and elegant product design into a fully integrated easy-to-use plug-and-play multi-touch desktop device. Featuring 3M's high-performance Projected-Capacitive Technology (3M PCT), these displays offer up to 40 simultaneous touches, each at an ultrafast 6–10-msec response time, enabling users to naturally interact with digital multimedia and to easily collaborate with multiple users. These displays come in 18.5-, 21.5-, 24-, and 27-in. sizes and are available for sale



Santa Paula, CA             877/622-7472
Booth 769

Ultra-Thin Glass for Display Applications

High-Ion-Exchange (HIE) chemically strengthened thin glass is extremely durable, making it ideal for electronic-display and touch-screen applications. The ion-exchange process creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass structure, resulting in a highly scratch, shock, and impact-resistant end product. Easy-to-clean, HIE glass is available in thicknesses of 0.5–2.0 mm and can be fabricated with custom edge treatments, screen-printed and custom-cut with drilling of holes. Thin-film ITO and IMITO coatings can be applied for EMI shielding and heater panels for displays in medical and defense environments.



Phoenix, AZ             480/643-2000

Display Performance Matched Kits

The Avnet Embedded Performance Matched Kits (PMK) program offers a complete out-of-the-box experience simplifying the evaluation and integration of system boards and LCDs. Avnet's PMK program is the technical alignment of displays and system boards, ensuring compatibility between the devices. Avnet's engineering experts address all of the complex connectivity and firmware issues between these two product sets and deliver a fully vetted set of displays and system-board bill of materials, including the cabling and other support hardware. PMKs, developed using products from industry leading manufacturers, enable faster application development, speed time-to-market, and save time and money in logistics and supply-chain costs for purchasing groups.



Vantaa, Finland             +358-9-759-9530
Booth 578

Stronger Class with Thin Films

Beneq, supplier of production and research equipment for thin-film coatings, proudly presents a new approach to strengthened glass for electronic devices. By applying a dense but transparent thin film on the surface of glass, the cracking resistance increases by up to 40%. This patented technology strengthens any type of glass and can be applied to both motherglass and cut-size glass. Beneq offers production equipment for Strengthened Glass for batch coating cut-size glass and full-size motherglass sheets. Throughput ranges from 0.7M to 7M pieces per year.



Chanhassen, MN             1-800-949-4021
Booth 574

Large-Format Projected-Capacitive Touch panels

Multi-touch panels are not just for your smart phones anymore! The Bergquist Company is happy to present new large-format projected-capacitive multi-touch panels. With up to ten simultaneous touches on panels up to 24 in., and dual-touch on panels up to 32 in. (with up to ten touches coming soon), more than one person can interact together on the same screen.



Tustin, CA             714/258-4500
Booth 375

Commercial Panels

Bi-Search is a authorized distributor and value-add center for LG Displays' new line of products for the commercial industry. The 42- and 47-in. Columbus panels (SD420WUN and SD470WUN) both utilize LG's super-IPS (in-place switching) technology, are high resolution (1920 x 1080), and have a wide range of interfaces available – HDMI, DVI, and RGB. Columbus products also consume low power, making them more cost-effective, energy-friendly due to the automatic backlight control system, and low power. With a brightness of 500 nits, these products can be used in homes, retail, and advertisement, featuring its ability to display in landscape or portrait mode.



Exeter, RI             401/392-1023
Booth 754

Custom Video Controllers

Capstone Visual Product Development, exhibiting their custom video controllers, will showcase a 5.6-in. broadcast-quality high-brightness monitor designed for use with Digital SLR cameras and videography applications. This monitor has a custom controller that receives video up to full-HD (1920 x 1080P60) digitally as HDMI and SDI as well as analog YPbPr. Standard NTSC signals are also accepted. This monitor has built-in HDMI to SDI conversion in order to interface DSLR equipment to broadcast industry SDI devices as well as SDI-to-SDI viewing and past-thru. GUI functions are provided for a host of filming support features such as user-defined markers and color exposure mode. All controls are directly accessible via front-panel buttons in order to allow adjustments on-the-fly so the perfect shot can be captured.



Miaoli, Taiwan             +886-37-586-393
Booth 953

Complete Display/Touch/Window Solution

Chimei-Innolux (CMI) will demonstrate a fully TOD solution for reducing thickness and for better optical performance at Display Week 2012. Key value drivers for TOD include true single-layer ITO touch, true multi-touch without ghosting, touch on thinned bi-pane process, touch scan frequencies up to 150 Hz, and 2D and 2.5D shaped windows. The display technology is independent of display modes (TN, VA, IPS, and AMOLED). No user calibration is required.



Framingham, MA             508/620-5360
Booth 374

Multi-User Touch Technology

DiamondTouchTM is a tabletop computer interface designed to support small-group face-to-face collaboration. It is "multi-touch," meaning that it supports multiple touch points and hand postures as input. But the thing that makes DiamondTouch different is that it is "multi-user" – meaning that multiple people can touch simultaneously, and DiamondTouch can identify who is who. DiamondTouch lets you operate any standard Windows application with your hands instead of a keyboard and mouse. And there is a built-in multi-user annotation tool so that people can make white-board-style mark-ups together, which is good for collaboration and brainstorming.



Corning, NY             607/974-9000
Booth 123

Ultra-Slim Flexible Glass

Corning's ultra-slim flexible glass is a thin and flexible display-grade glass that has benefits for a variety of electronic devices. Flexible glass will help enable thin, light, and cost-efficient applications including today's ultra-sleek displays, tomorrow's flexible solar cells and lighting, and the smart surfaces of the future. Flexible glass leverages our proprietary fusion technology, providing glass of superior surface quality, flatness, and thermal stability.



Pittsburgh, PA             412/322-9900
Booth 463

Multi-Touch Projected-Capacitive Touch Screens

Dawar Touch introduces its new Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch technology. Our PCT sensors are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA at Dawar's Pittsburgh, PA factory. Constructed as an all-glass solution, our touch screens provide extreme durability and superior optics. The new product features multi-touch functionality, gesture support, and enhanced sensitivity for a light touch and effortless input with your finger, glove, or conductive stylus. We offer a standard product line from 4.3 to 24 in. as well as custom solutions to meet your application requirements. Dawar's PCT is the perfect choice for your medical, instrumentation, or industrial application.


Sudbury, MA             978-254-5275
Booth 514

Adhesives for Display Bonding

DELO has developed new optically clear light-curing liquid adhesives that combine very good adhesion and durability with high transparency. They enable a fast and flexible bonding of touch panels or cover glasses directly onto LCDs. Thanks to their dual-curing capability, they do not only cure by exposure to UV or visible light. In shadow areas, e.g. under black masks, they reliably cure by means of a second curing mechanism through a reaction with moisture in the air. Delo's optically clear adhesives drastically reduce internal reflections and improve the shock and vibration performance. Furthermore, fogging, condensation, or other contaminations are avoided.



Morgan Hill, CA             408/782-7773
Booth 860

Compact Low-Profile LCD Controllers

With support for 120-Hz panels up to 1920 x 1200 resolution, the ALR-1920-120 is a compact, low-profile LCD controller solution for display system builders. Inputs include HDMI and DisplayPort. TFT panel connection with VESA and JEIDA LVDS. Controls include button menu controls, IR, RS-232, and DDC-Ci. Power input is 12/24-V DC. Other features include PWM and DPMS backlight brightness control.



Veldoven, The Netherlands             +31-6-3432-6600
Booth 848

Switchable Autostereoscopic 3-D monitor

The Dimenco 23-in. 3-D monitor requires no glasses to experience high-quality 3-D without compromising 2-D image quality. The switchable lens consists of an additional LC layer on top of the lenticular lens to realize either a refractive index that creates a stunning 3-D image or a crisp 2-D image. The unique lens design makes it further possible to either experience the monitor in a non-glasses stereo-mode (two-view) with face-tracking or to use it in the non-glasses multi-view mode (28 views), enabling the sharpest 3-D images.


Doylestown, PA             215/348-5010
Booth 368

Precision Glass Optical Filters

Utilizing the latest in-glass fabrication and thin-film vacuum deposition technology, Dontech's VCG-Series glass filters provide exceptional optical transparency and environmental durability. The precision glass optical filters are utilized in demanding military, medical, industrial, and avionics applications. For high-end display programs, VCG-Series filters optimize display clarity and high ambient light contrast (e.g., sunlight readability). VCG-Series filters can be fabricated from a variety of glass substrates, such as chemically strengthened (soda lime, Corning® Gorilla®, Asahi Dragontrail), borosilicate, fused silica and optical glasses (e.g., Schott nBk-7). VCG-Series filter customization options include high-energy vacuum-deposited coatings such as antireflective, transparent conductive (EMI shielding, transparent heaters), and IR or NIR blocking.



Gilching, Germany             +49-8105-77-80-90
Booth 1373

Alphanumeric Display Module

The EA DIP204-6 LCD module made by the display specialist Electronic Assembly features LCD supertwist technology, a razor-sharp image, and very simple mounting. The EA DIP204-6 can display four lines containing 20 characters each. It is available with white characters on a blue background or black characters on a white background. The display is the ideal solution for attractively designed HMIs on electrical equipment and machinery. The on-board KS0073 controller manages user-friendly communications with the outside world. Besides the character set containing 240 alphanumeric characters, the unit can also display 16 icons such as arrows or technical symbols, considerably simplifying operation of the equipment on which the display is installed. System developers can also define up to eight symbols of their own which can be stored and displayed just like alphanumeric characters. The display has a parallel data bus and a SPI port for data transfer with the control circuitry. The EA DIP204-6 is extremely compact (only 75 mm wide). No complicated installation is necessary because the unit can easily be soldered directly onto the PCB. The display can simply be plugged into a socket connector. The EA DIP128-6 with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels is a graphic-enabled alternative to the EA DIP204-6. It is supplied in the same housing as the EA DIP204-6.



Taipei City, Taiwan             +886-2-8751-5191
Booth 381

Touch Solutions

EETI designs, develops, and markets a wide portfolio of standard solutions such as resistive, surface capacitive, surface acoustic wave, and infrared solution as well as leading-edge solutions such as a projected-capacitive touch controller for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 Logo devices. EETI partners with worldwide sensor makers and tier brand suppliers to provide a broad-base solution for its customers.


Endicott, NY             607/754-9187       x3058
Booth 563

LED Driver Connectivity

Switching from CCFL to LED backlighting? The new SmartBridge module from ERG integrates the power supply of your existing design to the LED driver incorporated in the display with one simple swap. Remove inverter, plug in SmartBridge, and connect between input power or controller and LED driver for fast, easy, and economical DC/DC conversion and analog to PWM signal generation. Saves time and money. 5- and 12-V models available.



Billerica, MA             978/667-3895
Booth 745

Epoxy Paste

Epoxy Technology is showcasing EPO-TEK® OG159-2, a one-component high-viscosity UV-cured screen-printable epoxy paste for perimeter and gasket sealing in the LCD, OLED, and display industries. This state-of-the-art adhesive paste enables OLED packaging via either glass or top film with thicknesses ranging from 6 to 20 μm, while maintaining a very low WVTR. EPO-TEK® OG159-2 is compatible with OLED electrolytes and liquid-crystal polymers. Epoxy Technology can also provide custom formulating services for your unique application requirements.



Clarksburg, WV             216/447-8498
Booth 431

Anti-glare glass

EagleEtch® XS has the best anti-glare properties in an extra-thin sheet of glass for display applications. The ultra-lightweight glass is ideal for portable devices such as cell phones, global positioning systems, and the increasingly popular tablet PCs. Although EagleEtch® XS boasts an extra-thin design, the glass maintains EuropTec's reputation for anti-glare performance and durability in even the harshest environments. Unlike coating or spray-on solutions, EagleEtch® XS is able to withstand downstream processing such as chemical strengthening.



Hanover, MA             781/829-0808
Booth 867

Optical Bonding

Eyesaver International, Inc., (ESI), a leader in LCD optical bonding, can accommodate display sizes ranging from 3.5 to 70 in. on the diagonal. ESI's proprietary bonding solution is the most environmentally durable, optically clear solution on the market. Our optical bonding is an ideal solution for sunlight readability on outdoor displays as well as medical, military, and industrial display applications. Our optical bonding is performed in a cleanroom controlled environment. ESI also manufactures a line of display filters for every industrial and outdoor display need. This display has an IR/heat-rejecting vandal-resistant filter optically bonded to a 46-in. LCD.



Nuemburg, Germany             +49-9-11-9645-6249
Booth 1313

TControl Glass

Innovative product development, strict safety standards, and a strong focus on user-friendliness are just some of the factors that should influence your choice of the right glass for your display and imaging applications. Flabeg's Tcontrol, our newest innovation, has a heat-temperable high-performance anti-reflection coating that has optical clarity, is precision-retained after strengthening, has brilliant transmission virtually free of reflection, is qualified for use both indoors and outdoors use, and is easy to clean even with standard glass-cleaning agents. TControl also survives the harshest environments. It meets all the DIN ISO 9211-3 C hardness requirements and is resistant to chemical exposure in accordance with ISO/DIN 16750-5.



Dresden, Germany             +49-35-1882-3238
Booth 1371

Micro-Scanning-Mirrors for Beam Steering and Pico-Projector Displays

Various applications require dynamic deflection of light with micro scanning mirrors as cutting-edge technology to provide robust and cost-efficient scanning capabilities for ultra-mobile and low-power applications. The novel device concept LinScan by Fraunhofer IPMS allows for low frequency linear scanning in one axis plus fast resonant scanning in the second axis, which enables linewise writing of images in pico-laser-projection displays with up to SVGA resolution. LinScan devices use the electrostatic driving principle and hence consume significantly less power than competitive electromagnetic micro scanning mirrors with a comparable performance level.



Santa Clara, CA             408/565-9150
Booth 966

Materials Printer

The DMP-2831 is a low-cost cartridge-based piezo ink-jet-printing system that enables direct deposition of functional fluids, including nanoparticle-based metallic and organic materials, onto virtually any surface over an area of 200 x 300 mm. It is designed to minimize waste of expensive fluid materials and eliminate the cost and complexity associated with conventional product development and prototyping. The platen can be heated to 60°C to thermally manage substrates during printing. An integrated drop watcher lets researchers capture and analyze in-flight droplet formation and firing. It uses 16-jet printhead cartridges available in 1- and 10-pL drop volumes.


San Diego, CA             858/279-8034
Booth 637

Goniometer System

The GS-940-7X Display Measurement Goniometer System from Gamma Scientific is the fastest and easiest way to perform high-accuracy angular measurements for any sized display. With a six-axis robotic arm and high-speed spectroradiometer, the GS-940-7X scans screens from virtually any angle with 70-μm accuracy. The GS-940-7X is push-button simple to operate and program by a single technician. Unlike conventional goniometers, the GS-940-7X keeps displays stationary during testing and can test multiple, unique displays at once. The GS-940-7x can withstand the rigors of 24/7 production-floor environments, while still featuring a compact footprint and wheel-mounted design for maximum mobility.



Chungcheongnam-do, Korea             +82-41-561-9194
Booth 730

Evaporation Solution for OLEDs and Thin-Film (CIGS) Photovoltaic Cells

GJM is a manufacturer of large-sized Linear Brick Cell Sources (~5.5 G, 1300 mm) for OLEDs and thin-film (CIGS) photovoltaic cells and innovative organic material purifiers. Our simulation (DSMC – Direct Simulation Monte Carlo) for molecular behavior under a vacuum environment has a function to optimize process specifications such as thin-film uniformity, material consumption rate, etc.Moreover, GJM had developed a new concept purification system for large-quantity production (10 kg) of organic material.



Orlando, FL             407/422-3171
Booth 212

Automatic Display Measurement System

The Life Sciences and Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego offers the OL 770-ADMS, a modular, motion-control platform suitable for a variety of automated measurement applications, including display testing. The system features our OL 770 high-speed multichannel spectroradiometer for a complete, robust, and flexible tool. The motion system is expandable up to five axes (x, y, z, horizontal, and vertical). Powerful software allows users to create scripted automation and integrate other measurement tools for fully automated parameter testing.



Parma, OH             216/529-3777
Booth 831

Heat Spreaders

GrafTech International is one of the world's largest manufacturers of graphite and carbon-based products, with customers in 80 countries. At Display Week 2012, GrafTech will exhibit eGRAF heat spreaders that have improved displays for over 10 years.



Haidian District, China             +86-10-8279-6651
Booth 409

ERT Components

Hanwang ERT components utilize electromagnetic resonance technology to implement powerful non-contact handwriting input for intelligent equipment such as e-books, GPS navigation devices, MP4, MID, tablet PCs, netbooks, notebook computers, mobile phones,etc. Compared to resistive-type and capacitive-type touch technology, the EM module eliminates the influence of surface stains or abrasion and avoids erroneous input. Thus, the operational lifetime of intelligent equipment can be greatly lengthened. Another advantage of EM modules is that they do not reduce the transparencey of the display, particularly for EPDs. Therefore, it is an appropriate input device for e-books.



Rocky Hill, CT             860/571-5128
Booth 336

Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

Henkel Corp. has introduced Loctite® 5192, a groundbreaking dual-cure silicone liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) that cures in seconds on exposure to UV light. This unique adhesive's secondary moisture cure allows full cure in shadowed areas without any additional processing. It resists temperatures in excess of 100°C and eliminates mura due to its ultra-low shrinkage (<0.5%). Loctite® 5192 is optimized for TP1 applications, but has also proven to work well for TP2 applications on smart phones, tablets, monitors, and televisions.



Leverkasen, Germany             +49-22-14302-6718
Booth 742

Conductive Polymer Demonstrator

The highly conductive PEDOT:PSS formulation Clevios FET has been coated on a curved PET substrate. The Clevios PEDOT:PSS has then been structured into strips using the special etchant Clevios Etch and masking agent Clevios SET. The non-conductive and conductive areas have the same transparent appearance. The adjacent conductive segments are electrically bridged with LEDs. The result is clear electrical illumination with no apparent electrical connections. The benefits of using Clevios include high transmission, flexibility, land long-term stability combined with the creation of a unique lighting appearance.



Charlton, MA             508/765-9151       x217
Booth 613

Fiber-Optic Faceplates

Incom's fiber-optic faceplates transfer an image from one surface to another, enabling seamless and dynamic programmable digital displays with tactile feedback. The fiber-optic image conduits enhance the user interface visually as well as reduce the complexity of numerous buttons. This technology was introduced in high-end professional audio mixing equipment. The end user coined the term SLICK (Self-Labeling Illuminated Customizable Keys) for the technology used in their application. The second user of this technology was a major producer for casino-gaming systems.



Boulder, CO             303/444-4608
Booth 622

Automated Liquid-Crystal Tester

Instec's Automatic Liquid Crystal Tester (ALCT) measures a wide range of parameters for LCDs or LC materials, including ion impurities, VHR, RDC, resistivity, rotational viscosity, elastic constants, dielectric constants, turn-on and turn-off response time, VTcurves, and Δn. The ALCT can simultaneously measure up to eight samples with the eight-channel IVM option. Ion measurement for real TFT panels is also available. A high-precision temperature-control LCD panel or cell is also available. The thermal plate could be as large as 800 x 1000 mm.



Austin, TX             512/297-6750
Booth 721

Locking Display Connector

The I-PEX Cabline-CA was designed as the smallest outline connector for the increasingly high data rates and is used in mass production on the transmission lines and display as a high data rate (graphics) and control signal connection for the thinnest display panel assemblies. The locking feature provides a highly reliable assembly that eliminates the "back-out" aspect of the display connector during high shock and vibration conditions. Also, additional internal and external grounding connections were provided which deliver quiet, clear signal quality when used for the higher data rates.



Ontario, Canada             613/741-4513
Booth 507

Optical-Filter Solutions

Iridian Spectral Technologies, a leader in optical filter solutions, has recently introduced new capabilities enabling us to provide high-transmission (>99%) anti-reflection (AR) coatings with optional anti-smudge (AS) coatings for use in touch-screen or other display applications. These new capabilities enhance our existing wavelength-selective display product offerings such as hot or cold mirrors, filters for night-vision (NVIS) compatibility, 3-D glasses and projector wheels, coatings on plastics, and beam-splitter cubes. Iridian works closely with our OEM customers to customize optical filter solutions to meet their specific functional requirements.



Boston, CA             978/204-2338      
Booth 351

IR and Optical Touch panels

As a leading infrared touch screen manufacturer, IRTOUCH will showcase infrared and optical touch panels with newly introduced multi-touch gesture support and solar-immunity enhancement. Our slim-profile infrared touch screens are easily integrated into displays from 6.4 to over 120 in. on the diagonal. The robust infrared technology offers high resolution with superior clarity and scratch-free, drift-free, and shock-resistance touch solutions. It is ideal for public access, rugged, and demanding environments. Allowing glove /hand/ any object activation with much longer product lifetime, the infrared touch solutions have been deployed for POS, ATM, industrial control, kiosks, digital signage, medical, gaming, in-vehicle displays, and marine or aerospace applications.



Milpitas, CA             408/546-5000
Booth 736

Anti-Reflective Oleophobic Coating

Touch screen displays are intuitive, easy, and fun to use. The one improvement long needed has been an anti-reflection coating. This has been a challenge because fingerprint oils are so difficult to remove from any anti-reflective surface. JDSU and SCHOTT have teamed to develop a solution: We now offer a durable anti-reflective oleophobic coating that can withstand over 450,000 rubs! It is finally possible to have an anti-reflection coating for advanced touch-screen applications. Come and see a demonstration at SID and try out the first durable coating combining anti-reflective and oleophobic characteristics – the breakthrough for any touch application.



Westborough, MA             508/870-5959
Booth 177

Color-Filter AMLCD

Kopin's CyberDisplay® 720p is a color-filter active- matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD) with a resolution of 1280 x 720. The CyberDisplay 720p utilizes high-performance single-crystal-silicon transistors and is the smallest (0.49-in. diagonal) transmissive AMLCD for the resolution. The transmissive CyberDisplay 720p has the same display architecture as the industry-standard LCD monitor or TV. The ultra-compact Cyberdisplay 720p is ideal for high-end consumer or professional portable devices.



Somers, CT             860/749-6400
Booth 669

Precision Machining Systems

Providers of Micromachining Systems for combined optical, micromechanical, and laser micro-machining Fly-Cutters for optical and structured surfaces in master templates. Drum Turning Systems for optical film replication are also available. Optical surface quality is what you can expect when using a KUGLER 5-axis milling center for the micromachining of suitable metals. MICROGANTRY® or MICROMASTER®, aerostatic or hydrostatic bearing concepts. Machine tools offered in several configurations. Large-area optical Fly-Cutting and Micro Structuring of optical surfaces with Micro Tools or a laser all on one machine in one setting.



Plymouth, MI             734/416-8500
Booth 619

Robust TFT-LCDs

Kyocera Display America has developed a series of robust new TFT-LCDs with chemically strengthened cover glass optically bonded to the LCD with no air gap between the LCD surface and the cover glass, in sizes ranging from 9.0 to 25 in. on the diagonal. Readable under direct sunlight, impervious to rain, cleaning solvents, heat, and pressure, they are ideal for outdoor digital-signage applications. The 23.6-in. diagonal model shown features 1920 x 1080 resolution, 300 nits of brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 80/80/60/80 viewing angles.



Tokyo, Japan             +81-3-3500-2421
Booth 711

High-Performance Adhesive Products

Kyoritsu Chemical Co., Ltd., is a Japanese enterprise specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of high-performance adhesive products. This is the debut of Kyoritsu Chemical Co., Ltd, at the SID exhibition. The company will present a variety of technology aspects that can be applied to flat-panel displays. A series of technologies, including technical solutions, visibility improvements, power saving, sealing technologies, etc., will be covered. Kyoritsu Chemical will present laminated displays that use HRJ resin along with an introduction of the engineering process.


Littleton, MA             978/486-0766
Booth 101

3-D Illumination Display Design Software

Lambda Research's TracePro is the easiest to use 3-D illumination display design software available today. TracePro decreases prototyping time by combining a 3-D CAD interface, multiple utilities, and complete interoperability with other programs to streamline the design process. Our 3-D interactive optimizer excels at illumination display design by combining a sketch utility for quick CAD modeling, interactive ray tracing for design verification, and multiple optimization routines. This utility gives users better initial designs and provides an interface to monitor the entire optimization process step by step. This provides better and faster answers when compared with other black-box optimization software products.



Seoul, Korea             +82-23-777-1022
Booth 143

55-in. OLED TV Panel

LG Display's 55-in. OLED TV panel produces remarkable image quality with no after image due to its high reaction velocity, as well as a high contrast ratio of over 100,000:1 and a wider color gamut than that produced by LCD panels. With no need for a special light source, LG Display's 55-in. OLED TV panel is also able to utilize a simplified structure thinner than that of a pen (5 mm) and lighter than LCD panels. The panel's thin structure also allows for the realization of unique design elements.



Fremont, CA             510/509-7506
Booth 282

Transparent LCDs

Litemax Technology will showcase their new Transpixel Technology at Display Week 2012. The STA1712 is the latest development in turnkey solutions for the digital-signage retail market. Customers can see the promotional message on the front transparent LCD while seeing the real product behind it. Content can be updated via USB or CAT5 and can be remotely managed on a preset schedule.



Kenilworth, Ontario, Canada             519/848-2555
Booth 756

Smart Display Modules

Smart Display Modules (SDMs) offer all-in-one compact touch-display computer solutions ready for use. The SDMs are designed for rapid implementation into industrial equipment, appliances, vending machines, and medical and monitoring equipment. Color TFTs with a PCAP multi-touch or resistive single-touch screen along with optical bonding options for 4.3–15.4-in. displays with LED backlights are also available. A Freescale ARM-based processor and a Software Board Support Package are embedded. High reliability interfaces are easily modified with tailored mechanical mounting and integration.



Auburn, CA             530/888-8344
Booth 450

Display Measurement Systems

Microvision will showcase their latest version of the SS430 Display Measurement system that includes new laptop and cooled spectrometer options. Also demonstrated will be Microvision's Ergonomic Test Suites that measure according to ISO 9241-300 and TCO 5.2 standards. Also shown will be the latest innovation in automated display testing systems, the SS445. This device utilizes a pan/tilt mechanism to allow fully automatic testing of large screen and projection displays.



Round Rock, TX             512/251-0389
Booth 820

Custom Micro-Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Mitas's micro-coaxial (MCX) custom cable assemblies are precision engineered to provide superior flexibility and reliability for use in military and medical equipment, high-end automated video test equipment (e.g., Display Port), and security applications. In addition, MCX cables are being used at an accelerated rate as wiring components in display applications such as in PC notebooks, LCDs, FPDs, PDAs, digital video cameras, and cellular phones.



Valley View, OH             1-800-883-6266
Booth 715

Clarity Ultraseal Nanocoatings

Clarity Ultraseal Nanocoatings provide performance enhancement and surface protection for glass and anti-reflective (AR) coated glass surfaces. It is optically clear; repels water, oils, and dirt; makes fingerprints easier to remove; requires less effort to clean; protects against aggressive environmental influences; maintains the clarity and appearance of the display longer; prevents marking and stains; and enhances scratch resistance.


Palo Alto, CA             650/331-2101
Booth 674

Quantum-Dot Enhancement Film

Nanosys Quantum-Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) enables wide-color-gamut LCDs, allowing consumers to enjoy more visceral, more impactful, and truer-to-life content. QDEF is an optical-film component for LCDs capable of producing 50% more color than conventional technology. Wide-color-gamut performance displays will make our experience of movies and videogames more lifelike. Filmmakers and video-game developers will be able to more accurately bring their vision to life. Browsing through photos on a QDEF tablet will be more like holding a stack of high-quality professional prints.



Osaka, Japan +81-6399-2711
Booth 605

Ultra-Thin Glass

Ultra Thin Glass and Roll-to-Roll Conveyor Nippon Electric Glass enhances roll-to-roll processing in the production of displays. To manufacture Ultra Thin Glass at thicknesses below 100 μm, we developed an advanced overflow technology to form glass substrates for LCDs. This new method allows thinner-glass production, and we can supply the glass in rolls. Ultra Thin Glass was developed as a result of our continued challenge to obtain the ultimate thinness. If you witness our roll-to-roll glass conveyor in our booth, you will be able to imagine the future of the production displays more clearly.



Dallas, TX             214/343-5300
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Slot-Die Cooling Systems

The nRad line is a series of small, low-priced slot-die coating systems built upon nTact's patented technology and engineered for use in R&D and pre-production environments. The nRad's simple yet flexible design provides accurate deposition of a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. The systems are compatible with inert-gas gloveboxes and laboratory benchtops. The nRad is designed for processing 150- and 200-mm square substrates, with options for wafers up to 200 mm or panels up to A4 size. The new nRad2 is available for substrates up to 370 x 470 mm, as well as 300-mm wafers.



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Pen and Multi-Touch Functionality

N-trig DuoSense® is a single-device solution that combines pen and multi-touch functionality. The active pen enables users to annotate on screen much as on paper, and the multi-touch capabilities allow users to perform actions directly on screen. DuoSense advances standard touch technology, enhancing the touch experience from passive to active Hands-on® computing. DuoSense supports multiple operating systems and can be implemented across a variety of form factors and screen sizes. N-trig digitizers are easily integrated into existing platforms, support all LCDs and keep devices slim and light. N-trig has offices in Israel, the U.S., Taiwan, China, and Japan.



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Multi-Touch Projected-Capacitive Touch Panel

Ocular's Crystal Touch line of projected-capacitive touch panels has expanded standard product offerings to include a 17.0-in. TRUE multi-touch interface. Ranging in size from 3.5 to 17.0 in., Crystal Touch can now be incorporated into even more applications requiring a large, durable touch panel. Crystal Touch is designed for extreme environments and can withstand harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, and extreme temperatures. The all-glass construction provides a smooth, scratch-resistant surface that increases optical clarity, extends the life span of the device, and enhances the overall look and feel. Available in both single and TRUE multi-touch, Crystal Touch provides up to 16 simultaneous touch points with a sophisticated touch solution that can distinguish and disregard unintended touches.



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Optical Shielding Products

Optical Filters has expanded its range of EmiClare optical shielding products to include a non-birefringent MicroMesh for the electromagnetic shielding of circular and linear polarized displays. This innovation provides consistent 60-dB shielding, no moiré fringing, and exceptional light transmission, making MicroMesh superior to conventional woven wire mesh or ITO coatings. It is ideal for sunlight-readable applications such as avionics or portable hand-held equipment. Optical Filters offers the widest range of EMI shielding and heater options for display enhancement.



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3-in. OLED Display with 1RU Compatibility

Professional rack-system manufacturers are enthusiastically considering the OSDOSD25664P914-10 display. This display features a 1RU vertical-size compatibility to modernize the appearance of many rack-unit systems. OSD has already received a wide-range of interest from professional audio/ video, military, telecom, broadcast, and various computing applications. The display offers compatibility with 8-bit CPU (both i80 and 68xx), and 3-/4-wire SPI interfaces via a standard ZIF-style 0.5-mm-pitch flex "connector-type" interface. The display can support 7 bits per pixel PWM for "gray-scale" image depth. The display is a relatively large OLED display offered at 3.1 in. @ 88.0 x 27.8 x 2.0-mm outline dimensions.



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With eight measuring apertures, 5 x 10-6-fL luminance sensitivity, variable bandwidth (automated selection between 2, 4, and 8 nm), virtually non-existent polarization error (< 0.2%), and 512 thermoelectrically cooled detectors, the PR-740 is the most sensitive and fastest spectroradiometer offered by Photo Research. The PR-740 can measure 0.01 fL in just 3 sec, making production testing more productive. Other features include a full-color touch-screen display; USB, Bluetooth, and RS232 interfaces; battery-powered operation; and SD-card storage. An extended version, the PR-745, covers a broader spectrum from 380 to 1080 nm.



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Optical Plastic Sheets

Piedmont Plastics carries the best brands and breadth of products to service your plastic needs. Piedmont is proud to offer PSS-3000 optical sheet manufactured by PPG Industries. PSS-3000 Optical Sheet is a technologically advanced transparent plastic. It offers a unique balance of superior optical properties, rugged durability, chemical resistance and lightweight performance. PSS-3000 Optical Sheet is available in clear, colors, and low-glare textures. Piedmont can fabricate the sheets to print on gauges ranging from 0.5 to 6mm.



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Transparent and Conductive Films

PolyTC® films enable a multitude of new applications for touch-sensor solutions and several further applications. The shift away from mechanical keys and switches and towards capacitive touch sensors can be seen throughout the electronics and auto-motive sector. PolyTC® films can be used to manufacture very thin, flexible, transparent touch sensors which can be easily integrated into many applications and can be controlled using conventional electronic components. Some examples are touch screens, on/off buttons, slide controls, and dials. PolyTC® provides an ideal replacement for flexible conductor plates in touch-sensor applications or for indium-tin-oxide layers in touch screens.



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Laser Phosphor Display Platform

Prysm, Inc., has invented a new display platform based on the Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology that it owns entirely. LPD is a large-format display platform that can be organized in any size or shape to support a wide range of complete solutions for a variety of commercial markets. When com-pared to traditional technologies, LPD offers brilliant lifelike and lifesize displays that deliver truly immer-sive experiences, while offering the lowest cost of ownership and meeting the highest standards of environmental impact. In addition, LPD offers viewing angles of nearly 180°, unmatched uniformity, and the smallest seams in the industry. Prysm is based in Silicon Valley, with sales offices in Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, San Jose and Toronto.



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Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies and Interconnects

Quadrangle Products supports Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies and Interconnects for panels, motherboards, and other various components. From start to finish, Quadrangle's engineers will help to educate and guide customers through the various design challenges associated with micro coax cable designs and micro coax transitions. Our Micro Coax product line is constantly growing as we add new parts, designs, and solutions. We now support complete custom micro coaxial cable assemblies, micro coax to standard hookup wire (28 AWG) transition boards, micro-coax to 28 AWG flying leads (via transition board), support of popular connector manufacturers, free engineering support/low MOQs on new products.



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Air Gesture Touch Interfaces

Azoteq's ProxSense takes touch to the third dimension. The next evolution in touch interfaces is the addition of Air Gestures. Many user-interface functions can be done with air gestures. Air Gestures include proximity wakeup, proximity menu activation, wave left/right and up/down to page or scroll, and proximity hold to switch modes. Capacitive Air Gestures offer several advantages over other technologies such as lower power consumption and lower system cost. Applications for Air Gestures include lighting controls, printer, copiers, desktop phones, TVs, e-Readers, tablets, and mobile phones.



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Capacitive Touch Panels

RitFast is a professional capacitive touch panel manufacturer. Capable in G/G, OGS, and TOL solutions for mobile devices and instruments.



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Samsung OLED Technology

The 5.3-in. HD Super AMOLED used in the Samsung Galaxy Note provides exceptional touch sensitivity and features a large-sized screen that has been optimized for multimedia use. Further, the world's largest (55-in.) Super OLED TV delivers the best image quality anywhere, with distinct advantages such as strikingly vivid colors, wide viewing angle, extremely fast response time, and the thinnest TV panel structure available. Samsung OLED technology as featured in the 5.3-in. HD Super AMOLED display in the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung's 55-in. Super OLED TV will take you far beyond the limits of traditional displays, beginning later this year.



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Oleophobic Curable Resins

The CN4000 series of oleophobic exterior-grade ultraviolet and electron-beam-energy curable resins provide excellent protection for polyester, polycarbonate, and acrylic films. Accelerated weathering testing proves the materials can take the abuse of a wide range of climates for top-coating highly transparent films and glass. The low refractive index provides anti-reflective properties for inter-layer coating or adhesive reducing the loss of light transmission between layers and the top-coated surfaces while maintaining excellent physical and color stability.



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Glass for Capacitive Touch Technologies

With over 125 years of experience, SCHOTT specializes in specialty glasses and materials. With its new Xensation family of products, including super-strong Xensation Cover, SCHOTT is unique in offering the broadest range of high-quality glass types for all cover and touch applications. Strong, reliable, sensitive, lightweight, and elegant.



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Resistive Touch-Screen Controller Platform

Semtech's 4D-Touch is the world's first resistive touch-screen controller platform that detects proximity and pressure with haptics feedback. Semtech Corp. is a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for high-end consumer, computing, communications, and industrial equipment.



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Projected-Capacitive Touch Panel Controllers

To capture the surging worldwide touch panel market, Solomon Systech proudly presents a series of "single chip" projected-capacitive touch panel controllers with up to 10 points of multi-touch and large object detection support, capable of driving full-HD capacitive touch panels of up to 11 in. on the diagonal. This series of controllers supports self-capacitance or mutual-capacitance sensing schemes. They can support sensor-on-lens touch panels without a shielding layer. The integrated DSP+16-bit MCU has excellent anti-noise capability. It also boosts a high report rate, good linearity, and excellent waterproof capability. Inheriting the general LCD driver design, Solomon Systech's touch controllers can fine-tune touch-panel performance via changing register settings. They are easy to use with excellent cost performance and are the perfect match for smartphones and tablets.



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Handbook of Display Technology

The four-volume Handbook of Visual Display Technology is a unique work offering a comprehensive description of the science, technology, economic, and human–interface factors associated with the displays industry. An invaluable compilation of information, the Handbook will serve as a single reference source with expert contributions from over 150 international display professionals and academic researchers. All classes of display device are covered, including LCDs, reflective displays, flexible solutions, and emissive devices such as OLEDs and plasma displays, with discussion of established principles, emergent technologies, and particular areas of application. The wide-ranging content also encompasses the fundamental science of light and vision, image manipulation, core materials and processing techniques, display driving, and metrology.



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Rigid-to-Rigid Lamination Machine

Sun-Tec America will display the TMS-SA-P1 lamination machine for laminating rigid-to-rigid substrates for touch panel and cover glass lamination as well as film lamination. It can laminate substrate sizes from 10 to 22 in. Usually, rigid-to-rigid lamination process requires lamination in a vacuum chamber to prevent air being trapped between the panels being laminated. As an alternative method, Sun-Tec developed the TMS-SA-P1 which uses a tail stopper to keep the substrates separate during lamination to minimize air entrapment. For laminating films, the tail stopper can be turned off. The TMS-SA-P1 maintains Sun-Tec's high production standards and placement accuracy of 0.2 mm.



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Energy-Free Capacitive Touch Panel

TFD, Inc., is introducing a highly efficient solar cell on the peripheral of a projected-capacitive touch panel. The appearance of the color (black) is similar to that of the black mask. The solar cell is manufactured by using a combination of organic photovoltaic and dye cell technology. The 10.1-in. cell can energize 1.5 W/hour at 450 mAh to the existing battery.



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Ultra-Thin PCB Board

The MulTI-Touch Projected Capacitive Ultra-Thin PCB Controller Line from Touch International gives display makers a low-profile durable board for slim designs and the added noise resistance found with chip-on-flex. By providing a direct electrical interface between the touch-screen flex circuit and the board, Touch International ensures that the product's connection is mechanically and electrically robust. Supporting projected-capacitive displays up to 15.6 in., with up to 9 mm of cover glass, the MulTI-Touch Controller Line gives customers the same design flexibility and customization that Touch International is known for, without the high NRE fees.



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OLED Technologies and Phosphorescent OLED Materials

Universal Display is a leading developer of OLED technologies and materials for displays and lighting. UDC will exhibit the company's product line of energy-efficient UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent OLED materials, UniversalP2OLED® Ink Systems for solution-processing and prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including its WOLED® White OLED, flexible OLED, barrier, and advanced patterning process technologies. With a highly talented team, we also offer technology development and technology transfer services to support the smooth adoption of our technology and materials.



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Wide-Viewing-Angle TFT Displays

Wamco will introduce a product line of wide-viewing-angle TFT displays with robust construction and ruggedized for harsh environment in 8.4, 10.4, 12.1, and 15.0 in. sizes. High-reliability solid-state backlighting with integrated redundancy and a dual backlight, these display modules are NVIS compliant and sunlight readable as defined by Military requirements. Products can be further enhanced to integrate a high-performance single-piece EMI-heater element, directional filter, and/or touch screen. Leveraging Wamco's expertise in material science and optical filters, this LCD product line integrates the latest optical technologies and will support a wide range of military and industrial applications.



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Electro-Optical Characterization of Mobile Displays

Westar Display Technologies is showcasing their PanelTest, an automated test system for the electro-optical characterization of mobile displays from cell phones up to 17 in. panels. PanelTest includes three sensors: a camera, spectrometer, and real-time photodetector to measure uniformity, color, contrast, luminance, cross-talk, response time, flicker, and more. The system is self-contained and includes a video test-pattern generator and industrial computer with PanelTest software. PanelTest software allows the user to easily create custom test scripts. PanelTest can be extended with several options, including viewing-angle imager, X-Y motion, and custom display fixtures.



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Coatable Organic Insulator for Low-Power-Consuming Highly-Reliable Displays

ZEOCOAT coatable organic insulator provides multiple benefits for the construction of LC and OLED displays. Its stability in high-humidity environments and low out-gassing contributes to high reliability for cutting-edge designs. Its high transparency, fine-pattern processability, and low dielectric constant results in reduced power consumption. By incorporating ZEON's expertise in cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) technology, ZEOCOAT provides value to next-generation displays.



Blaydon-on-Tyne, UK             +44-191-4145-511
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Multi-Touch Projected-Capacitive Touch Screens

At Display Week 2012, Zytronic will be exclusively launching its new large-format, rugged, multi-touch projected-capacitive touch screens. Based on its proprietary PCT touch-sensing technology, these screens are designed specifically for demanding self-service digital signage and gaming applications. Utilizing its latest ZXY200 touch controller, the sensors can accurately and rapidly detect 10 indepen-dent points of touch through 4 mm of toughened glass, making them ideal for "real world" public facing deployments. In the booth will be a selection of 22, 32, and 46-in. screens showcasing the products' outstanding capability. •