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New Year, New Materials
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Advances in Materials for Touch-Panel Applications
By Ion Bita

Display Marketplace: Display Glass: Bigger, Thinner, and Stronger

Glass substrates are a key building block for flat-panel displays, serving optical, mechanical, and electronic functions. The market has grown along with the display industry, and innovations such as thin substrates and cover glass have served to increase its value.
By Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Wet-Processable Transparent Conductive Materials

A novel wet-processable transparent electrode material exhibits significant performance advantages over ITO. This material has recently achieved mass production in smart phones.
By Michael Spaid

Technology Preview: Quantum-Tunnelling-Composite Touch-Screen Technology

A new material provides a promising new approach to force sensing that allows transparency and may lend itself to a wide range of touch-screen applications.
By David Lussey

Making Displays Work for You: Diffuser Films and Optical Performance in LCDs

Diffuser technology is a vital differentiator in the optical performance of LCDs. The authors outline some common approaches for backlighting and film stacks and explain how different types of diffuser films are employed. They also describe how micro-lens diffusers in LCD backlight modules can provide performance that is 10% better than that of bead-filled coated PET diffusers and equivalent to that of coated micro-lens PET diffusers.
By Adel Bastawros, Jian Zhou, Michael J. Davis, Zhe Chen, and Wibowo Harsono

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