The following papers appear in the February 2012 (Vol. 20/2) issue ofJSID
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Contributed Papers

Applied Vision Science

Effects of text/background color combination, ambient illuminance, and display type on discriminating performance for young and elderly users
An-Hsiang Wang and Hui-Tzu Kuo, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, ROC; Su-Lun Hwang, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, ROC

Subjective evaluation of visual fatigue due to misalignment of motion and still images in a stereoscopic display

Shoji Yamamoto, Mitomo Maeda, Norimichi Tsumura, Toshiya Nakaguchi, Ryutaro Okamoto, Yoichi Miyake, and Ichiro Shimoyama, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Electrophoretic Displays

A controller design for micro-cup active-matrix electrophoretic displays

Chi-Ming Lu and Chin-Long Wey, National Central University, Taiwan

Plasma-Display Panels

Discharge diagnosis of high-Xe concentration and high-g protective layer in PDPs

D. Zhu and X. Zhang, Southeast University, China;T. Izumi, T. Akiyama, and H. Kajiyama, Advanced PDP Development Center, Japan

3-D Displays and Systems

Simple method of characterizing the spatial luminance distribution at the user position for autostereoscopic 3-D display

HyungKi Hong, National University of Science and Technology, Korea

The following papers appear in the March 2012 (Vol. 20/3) issue ofJSID
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Special Section on Papers Based on Presentations 
from the 2011 SID Symposium (Part II)


Applied Vision Science

Visual methods for determining ambient illumination conditions when viewing medical images in mobile display devices
Fahad Zafar, University of Maryland, USA; Mina Choi, Joel Wang, Peter Liu, and Aldo Badano, Food and Drug Administration, USA

Display Backlighting

A directional backlight with narrow angular luminance distribution for widening the viewing angle for an LCD with a front-surface light-scattering film

Kälil Käläntär, Global Optical Solutions, Japan

Electrophoretic Displays

Flexible electrophoretic display driven by solution-processed organic thin-film transistors

Nobuhide Yoneya, Hideki Ono, Yui Ishii, Kazuo Himori, Nobukazu Hirai, Hironobu Abe, Akira Yumoto, Norihito Kobayashi, and Kazumasa Nomoto, Sony Corp., Japan

Liquid-Crystal Technology

An analytical model for instant design of an LCD cell with photospacers under gravity and local loading

Ling-Yi Ding, Pei-Zen Chang, and Wen-Pin Shih, National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Mao-Hsing Lin, Chimei Innolux Corp., Taiwan; Yuh-Chung Hu, National Ilan University, Taiwan

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Displays (OLEDs)

Oxide-TFT technologies for next-generation AMOLED displays

Toshiaki Arai, Sony Corp., Japan

3-D Displays and Systems

A pixel structure for simultaneous programming and emission method for shutter-glasses-type stereoscopic 3-D AMOLED displays

Hong-Sik Park, Kyong-Hwan Oh, Hai-Jung In, and Oh-Kyong Kwon, Hanyang University, Korea

Contrast-enhanced wide-angle high-speed polarization modulator for active-retarder 3-D displays

Jesper Osterman, LC-Tec Displays AB, Sweden; Terry Scheffer, Motif, Inc., USA