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Supporting Students and Building Better Backlights
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Samsung Announces LCD Spinoff
By Jenny Donelan

President's Note

Display Week Steams into Boston
By Munisamy Anandan

Guest Editorial

Backlight-Unit Basics
By Adi Abileah

2012 SID Honors and Awards

This year's awards from the Society for Information Display include the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize, Jan Rajchman Prize, Otto Schade Prize, Slottow-Owaki Prize, and Lewis & Beatrice Winner Award.
By Jenny Donelan

A Look Ahead at the 2012 SID Symposium

Plan your visit to Display Week 2012 with an advance look at some of the most exciting developments to be revealed in this year's technology sessions.
By Jenny Donelan

Display Marketplace: How LEDs Have Changed the LCD Industry

LED backlighting has attracted a great deal of interest from the LCD industry over the last few years. The introduction of LED backlighting was not just a simple change to the panel structure; it affected the LCD industry in many ways, including product trends, economics, business strategies, and supply chains.
By Jimmy Kim and Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Creating a More Efficient Light Guide for a 2-D-Type Local-Dimming LCD Backlight

The realization of an optically dimmable, segment-addressable BLU using a single monolithic light-guide plate (LGP) with a light-control function is challenging but has the potential to cut costs and boost performance. This article describes the development of an edge-lit BLU with a monolithic segmented functional LGP.
By K. Käläntär

Frontline Technology: Light Guides Evolve from Display Backlighting to General Illumination

Once used primarily for backlighting small-to-medium-sized LCDs in portable and handheld devices, LED-based edge-illuminated light-guide technology has transitioned from cell-phone backlights to PC monitors and large TV backlights and is now even being used to illuminate entire rooms.
By Brett Shriver

Patent Legislation: Part II: What Companies Need to Know about the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) Patent Reform Legislation

The America Invents Act, the most significant change to the U.S. patent system since 1952, was signed into law on September 16, 2011. This series of articles focuses on selected provisions of the AIA which are likely to be the most relevant to companies in the display industry. Part II looks at new examination provisions, fees, fee structures, and review processes.
By Clark Jablon

SID News

2011 Journal of the SID Outstanding Student Paper Award

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