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The Science Behind the Magic
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Back to School with Rentable Textbooks
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

New Directions for LCDs
By Phil J. Bos

Frontline Technology: Liquid-Crystal Technology Advances toward Future "True" 3-D Flat-Panel Displays

Several liquid-crystal technology goals must be considered for 3-D flat-panel-display implementations to achieve high visual performance.
By Phil J. Bos and Achintya K. Bhowmik

Frontline Technology: Tutorial on 3-D Technologies for Home LCD TVs

Technical advances are continuously being made in the area of shutter-glasses 3-D systems. Knowledge of several key elements - cross-talk, fast liquid crystals, high-speed driving techniques, and LED backlights - is essential in understanding this technology, as well as what comes next.
By Seonki Kim

Frontline Technology: Resolving Resolution

Accurate metrics for 3-D displays will be more difficult to determine than those for 2-D displays. The author suggests it may be necessary to look beyond 2-D and one-eye paradigms.
By Edward F. Kelley

Display Marketplace: Large TFT-LCD Panels Shift into High Resolution

Pixel densities are increasing, but at different rates, depending on device, application, and end-user desire.
By Paul Semenza

Making Displays Work for You: Transparent Film and Substrate Technology for Touch Screens and Flexible-Display Applications

Flexible electronic displays with touch screens are increasingly used in demanding outdoor environments. Design engineers are challenged to develop optical systems that meet a wide thermal range and comply with diverse optical, electrical, and mechanical parameters. This article describes possible solutions, including transparent thin-film anti-reflective and conductive coatings. Also discussed are conductive technologies being currently employed.
By Jeff Blake and Richard Paynton

Display Taiwan Round-Up

Next-generation autostereoscopic displays represent just one of the emerging trends from the summer 2011 show.
By Steve Sechrist

Advancing Science Education

Retired scientists and engineers are volunteering their time to improve science education in U.S. elementary and secondary schools by joining with teachers to develop and present hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Additional volunteers, including members of SID, are needed to sustain and expand these programs into more school districts.
By Joe Castellano

SID News

2012 SID Honors and Awards Nominations.

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