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Doing More with Less
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Solid-State-Lighting Update: OLEDs in Europe
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Clearing the Road to Mass Production of OLED Television

Advanced material and process developments should help make printed OLED TVs commercially feasible.
By By David K. Flattery, Curtis R. Fincher, Daniel L. LeCloux, Marie B. O'Regan, and John S. Richard

Display Marketplace: OLEDs in Transition

The OLED industry is in the midst of change - from passive to active matrix and from small to larger sizes. This change is being driven by a significant amount of investment in active-matrix OLED manufacturing facilities - with the ultimate goal being to compete in the TV market. While the industry attempted to commercialize OLED TV in the past, the cost structure and productive capacity were not ready. This time, the pieces are coming together for a successful market entry.
By Paul Semenza

Making Displays Work for You: Beyond Amorphous-Silicon: New Developments in High-Mobility Backplanes

New advances in laser-crystallization technology are enabling larger liquid-crystal and OLED displays.
By Ulrich Hausmann and David Knowles

Frontline Technology: Stereoscopic Display Technologies and Their Applications in Medical Imaging

The recent evolution of 3-D display technology will impact medical-imaging visualization. 3-D reconstruction systems and stereo cameras are widely available in medical modalities, and improved stereo 3-D visualization will enable new procedures and easier interaction with volumetric anatomy data. New image-quality metrics and basic requirements for stereo 3-D displays are therefore under development.
By Luigi Albani, Cedric Marchessoux, and Tom Kimpe

SID News

Thomas Peter Brody, SID Fellow and Display Pioneer, Dies at 91.

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