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An Optimistic Outlook
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Television News: Information Display looks at TV licenses, viewing trends, and the new Energy Star standard in the U.S.
By Jenny Donelan

Enabling Technology: Why Should I Choose a Plasma TV?

Taking another look at plasma technology? Curious about its endurance in a marketplace seemingly dominated by LCDs? Information Display talked with plasma-pioneer Larry Weber about price, lifetime, contrast ratio, the new Energy Star standard, consumer confusion, and more to find out about the many advantages of plasma TV and the reasons for their longevity.
By Jenny Donelan

Enabling Technology: Navigating This Year's Models

The average consumer who sets out to buy a TV has questions. The scene at the average electronics store, with its rows upon rows of TV sets all displaying identical flickering content, often leads to more questions. Since buying a TV can be overwhelming for anyone, Information Display asked a knowledgeable retailer for answers to some of the most common TV buying questions. In addition, we highlight the kinds of products consumers can expect to see in stores right now.
By Jenny Donelan

Enabling Technology: 4K Projectors Come to Home Theaters

Anyone who has seen 4K-resolution images on big-screen displays knows how detailed and impressive these images can be. Now it is possible to have 4K projectors for personal home theaters.
By Chris Chinnock

Display Marketplace: The TV of the Future

Over the past few years, TV sets have incorporated numerous new technologies and features, in some cases providing more than consumers have been able to utilize or afford. At the same time, the need to improve profitability and tap into emerging markets has led to TV sets that make explicit performance tradeoffs in favor of lower cost. In the near term, this has resulted in a proliferation of choices. What does this tell us about the TVs that will be available in 2015 and beyond?
By Paul Semenza

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Four SID Members Receive Major Awards.