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Display Week: Planning Pays Off
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Sony Plant Shutdown Signals Electronic Media Delays
By Jenny Donelan

2011 SID Display of the Year Awards

The Society for Information Display's Display of the Year Awards committee has selected six award winners that advanced the state of the art of electronic-display products and technology during 2010 in the categories of Display of the Year, Display Component of the Year, and Display Application of the Year. All of this year's winners are either mobile displays or components for mobile displays.
By Jenny Donelan

The Chinese Display Industry and SID's Beijing Chapter Grow Together

The manufacturing capacity for displays and the display market itself are both very large in China. The main task of SID's Beijing chapter is to support research and development for the Chinese display industry so that it can continue to grow and prosper as it has for the last 30 years.
By Baoping Wang

Display Marketplace: Predicting the Future

It might be impossible to foresee the future in absolute terms, but experts in a given field can discuss general trends with a degree of accuracy. For this special Display Week issue, Information Display invited an expert analyst who has covered the display industry for many years to predict the progress of trends in five key areas.
By Mark Fihn

Making Displays Work for You: Optical Bonding Makes Its Mark with Touch Panels and Other Displays

Smart phones, tablet PCs, ultra-thin TVs, laptop computers - they have all pushed the optical bonding process out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Once a specialty process, optical bonding is now critical to many of today's most popular electronic devices.
By Larry Mozdzyn and Michael Rudolph

Products on Display at Display Week 2011

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.
By Editorial Staff

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