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The Pace of Innovation in the New Year
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

4G Mobile Network Looms Both Near and Far
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Films and Coatings Advance the State of Displays
By Ion Bita

Display Marketplace: Getting the Light Through: TFT-LCD Optical Films

The demand on TFT-LCDs to create bright high-resolution full-color images in a thin package and at low power levels has been unrelenting. This engineering challenge would not be possible without the use of optical films to collect, direct, filter, and otherwise "manage" the light through the display. Growing demand for "green" LCD panels, the use of LED backlights, and new power-consumption regulations are driving new backlight designs to add more optical films, creating opportunities for film makers who can provide improved technology.
By Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Market Evolution and Demand for Optical Films

Over the years, thin films have contributed greatly to the evolution of LCD technology. With the current demand for 3-D and projective-capacitive touch, they continue to do so.
By John Schultz and Bret Haldin

Frontline Technology: Paper-Like Electronic Media: The Case for R2R-Processed Full-Color Reflective Displays

A reflective electronic medium with properties similar to printed paper has been a goal within the display industry for many years. Most current reflective technologies use techniques similar to emissive displays to achieve color capability. This article focuses on a design that mimics color printing methods to achieve a wide color gamut and uses a roll-to-roll processing method.
By Jong-Souk Yeo, Tim Koch et al.

Frontline Technology: Solution-Coating Technology for AMOLED Displays

A new solution-coated AMOLED technology is poised for large-format commercial adoption. Improvements in intra- and inter-pixel layer uniformity have driven solution-coated AMOLED displays to match or exceed commercial evaporated AMOLED displays and AMLCDs for short-range uniformity. art7 By Reid Chesterfield et al.
By Reid Chesterfield et al.

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