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Strength and Flexibility
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

e-Readers Get Color(ful)
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Flexible Displays: Fascinating and Not As Far Off
By Paul Drzaic

Frontline Technology: A Flexible Universal Plane for Displays

FlexUPD is the Industrial Technology Research Institute's flexible universal plane solution for quality flexible displays and other non-display applications. Using FlexUPD technology, ITRI successfully integrated a flexible TFT backplane with AMOLEDs and received The Wall Street Journal's 2010 Technology Innovation Gold Award.
By Janglin Chen and Jia-Chong Ho

Frontline Technology: Beyond Conventional Display Applications: Cholesteric Reflective LCDs

New cholesteric LC materials and roll-to-roll manufacturing processes have enabled new technologies that have, in turn, inspired new applications and products.
By Asad Khan

Frontline Technology: A Flexible Display Enables a New Intuitive User Interface

The authors developed a prototype for a flexible-display system integrated with a bend-input function that enables users to interact with the display by flexing it. The display enables users to feel as if they are operating objects on the screen directly with their hands. This interactive intuitive interface is suitable for simple operations in application software and opens up new possibilities for flexible displays to be used as user interface devices.
By Hajime Yamaguchi, Tsuyoshi Hioki, Shuichi Uchikoga, and Isao Amemiya

Display Marketplace: Flexible Displays: Still a Lot to Learn

The development of full-color video-capable flexible displays is well into its second decade. In order to bring products to market (and end-market requirements are not yet clear), display developers need to surmount several technology hurdles. Recent demonstrations show the diversity of approaches being used to create truly flexible displays. art7 By Paul SemenzaInformation Display checks out the show floor at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
By Paul Semenza

Show Review: CES 2011: The Consumer Side of Displays

Information Display checks out the show floor at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
By Alfred Poor

SID News: Latin Display 2010/IDRC 2010: The Display World Comes to Brazil

By Ken Werner and Alaide P. Mammana

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