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A Warning from Sendai for Displays
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of Transparent LCD Panel
By Jenny Donelan

2011 SID Honors and Awards

This year's winners of the Society for Information Display's Honors and Awards include Dr. Rudolf Eidenschink, recipient of the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize, Dr. Hideo Hosono, recipient of the Jan Rajchman Prize, Scott Daly, recipient of the Otto Schade Prize, and Dr. Shin-Tson Wu, recipient of the Slottow-Owaki Prize.
By Jenny Donelan

Symposium Preview

Plan your visit to Display Week 2011 with an advance look at some of the most exciting developments that will be revealed in this year's display-technology sessions.
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Multiprimary-Color Displays and Their Evaluation Methods

A multiprimary-color display provides high fidelity and wide-gamut color reproduction, as well as power savings and other advantages. New methods will be required for evaluating multiprimary displays, particularly in terms of color gamut, color accuracy, and smooth tone reproduction.
By Masahiro Yamaguchi

Cutting-Edge Technology: Part I: Emerging Topics in Medical Displays

New display applications for the interpretation of medical images include mobile image viewers, true-color modalities, and 3-D technologies for improved diagnostic performance.
By Aldo Badano and Wei-Chung Cheng

Cutting-Edge Technology: Part II: Pre-Clinical Assessment of Medical Displays for Regulatory Evaluation

Challenges are emerging with regard to the pre-clinical, regulatory assessment of display systems used for viewing and interpreting medical images. This article discusses those, and also the types of evidence that might be relevant to the evaluation of mobile image-viewing devices, true-color devices with applications in digital microscopy and 3-D medical displays as discussed in Part 1.
By Aldo Badano, Wei-Chung Cheng, Brenden J. O'Leary, and Kyle J. Myers

Display Marketplace: Display Interfaces Go Wireless

The question is not whether display interfaces will become wireless but how. The sheer number of standards makes that difficult to determine.
By Matthew Brennesholtz

SID News

Get the Bigger Picture at Display Week 2011
By Jenny Donelan

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