The following papers appear in the December 2010 (Vol. 18/12) issue ofJSID
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3-D simulation of compound thin-film transistors (pages 1021–1028)
André Van Calster, et al., Ghent University, Belgium

Influence of wavelength red-shift on color-rendering index and luminous efficacy of LEDs (pages 1029–1032)
Qiong-Hua Wang, et al., Sichuan University, China

Demonstration of a technological prototype of an active-matrix BiNem liquid-crystal display (pages 1033–1039)
Stéphane Joly, et al., Nemoptic S.A., France

A single-cell-gap transflective liquid-crystal display with special electrodes (pages 1040–1043)
Qiong-Hua Wang, et al., Sichuan University, China

A consideration on motion-image-quality improvement of LCDs and video systems (pages 1044–1050)
Taiichiro Kurita, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

Eye-safety analysis of current laser-based LCOS projection systems (pages 1051–1057)
Edward Buckley, Jackson, WY, USA

Automatic mura detection based on thresholding the fused normalized first and second derivatives in four directions (pages 1058–1064)
Hani Jamleh, et al., National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC

Improving resolution and image space in a static volumetric 3-D display (pages 1065–1070)
Hakki H. Refai, 3DIcon Corp., USA

Frictional properties of VA-mode alignment-film surfaces studied by frictional force microscopy(pages 1072–1077)
Musun Kwak, et al., LG Display Co., Ltd., Korea

Fabrication of flexible organic light-emitting-diode display with a flexible color filter driven by In-Ga-Zn-Oxide TFTs (pages 1078–1083)
Masataka Kano, et al., Dai Nippon Printing, Japan

Large-area black/white bistable cholesteric liquid-crystal display and the thermal-addressing system (pages 1084–1089)
Po-Wen Liu, et al., ITRI, Korea

Discharge properties and chemical stability of SrZrO films (pages 1090–1094)
Yusuke Fukui, et al., Panasonic Corp., Japan

Performance of the efficacy enhancement layer using nano-particles in PDPs (pages 1095–1103)
Shinichiro Nagano, et al., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Korea

Organic wavelength-converting-film-based hybrid planar white light-emitting diodes (pages 1104–1110)
Sung Wook Kim, et al., Korea Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea

Preferred and maximally acceptable color gamut for reproducing natural image content (pages 1111–1118)
Michael J. Murdoch, et al., Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands; Ingrid Heynderickx, Philips Research Laboratories and Delft University, The Netherlands

Analysis of speckle-reduction performance in a laser rear-projection display using a small moving diffuser (pages 1119–1126)
Yuhei Kuratomi, et al., Tohoku University, Japan; Tatsuo Uchida, Sendai National College of Technology, Japan

Large-screen displays using metal-insulator-metal cathode arrays (pages 1127–1134)
Toshiaki Kusunoki, et al., Hitachi Research Laboratory, Japan

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