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Hot Topics: Green Technology and 3-D
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

New Energy Star Requirements for TVs May Take Effect Sooner
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Green Technology in LCDs

This article attempts to bring order to green initiatives and categorize green technology as it applies to LCDs into "green process," "green factory," and "green device." The energy consumption during the life cycle of the LCD is also considered, from fabrication to end of use.
By Jun Souk and Sangwoo Whangbo

Frontline Technology: EcoDesign for TV Displays?

The world population is still growing, while consumers in emerging markets are becoming more affluent and able to purchase electronic products such as televisions. The resulting environmental impact needs to be assessed for entire product lifecycles. In televisions, displays dominate the environmental profile. Therefore, their performance is continuously monitored with Philips's EcoDesign approach.
By Kees Teunissen and Leendert Jan de Olde

Frontline Technology: Making a Greener TFT-LCD

Achieving high transmittance of an LCD cell as well as reducing overall system power requirements are key elements, along with clean process alternatives for manufacturing. These are the most promising approaches for green TFT-LCDs. The authors from AU Optronics will describe the process involved in making a greener LCD.
By Po-Lun Chen and Ming-Kwan Niu

Enabling Technology: Do Consumers Really Go for Green?

The market for green consumer goods has held steady, even through the recession. Green electronics, including those with displays, appear to be an important part of that market into the future. But determining which types of green electronics will sell, and why, is far from an exact science. art6 Jenny Donelan
Jenny Donelan

Display Marketplace: 3-D TV from the Consumer Perspective

Enthusiasm for 3-D TV will build more slowly than consumer-electronics manufacturers would like, but consumers will eventually take it up in large numbers.
By Matthew Brennesholtz and Chris Chinnock

Frontline Technology: A Backlight for View-Sequential Autostereo 3-D

A backlight that emits collimated light whose direction can be scanned through 16 degrees has been demonstrated. Combined with a high-frame-rate LCD, this could enable a stereo 3-D display that does not require glasses.
By Adrian Travis, Neil Emerton, Tim Large, Steven Bathiche, and Bernie Rihn

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