Products on Display at SID 2010

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2010 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2010) will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, the week of May 23. For 3 days, May 25–27, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Chemnitz, Germany +49-(0)-371-400-43-26
Booth 417-3

Production solutions for OLED processing

Based on established laser micromachining systems, 3D-Micromac AG has developed an innovative manufacturing concept – microSTRUCT-OLED – for laser structuring of OLEDs. The integration of an ultra-short pulsed laser into the system guarantees a gentle selective structuring of anode layers without material damage at the substrate level. A special highlight is the processing of variable and scalable substrate sizes realized by an innovative software controlled scanner machining concept that achieves a structuring speed of up to 1 m/sec.



Saint Paul, MN 1-800/553-9215
Booth 205

Optical-enhancement products

3M Optically Clear Adhesives are highly specialized optically clear free-film adhesives offering excellent clarity and adhesion to various types of transparent substrates. These adhesives are easy to convert and have improved resistance to bubbling and delamination in laminates exposed to high temperature and high humidity. 3M Contrast Enhancement Film is designed for assembly of critical display parts, including the attachment of touch- interface layers and gap filling between the LCD and lens to improve brightness and contrast. 3M is offering three different products: 3M Contrast Enhancement Film, 3M Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, and 3M Broadband Anti-Reflection Film.



3M Touch Systems
Methuen, MA 978/659-9000
Booth 231

Multi-touch display

The 3M Display M2256PW combines "full" multi-touch technology, which supports up to 40 simultaneous contact points and a 22-in. high-definition wide-viewing-angle LCD to deliver revolutionary performance designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding professional applications. The M2256PW display features 3M Projected Capacitive Technology with less than 6-msec response time for more than 10 simultaneous touches. This means fast, accurate touch response over the entire touch surface. This multi-touch display is Windows 7 compatible with 3M drivers available for Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS and enhanced Windows 7 capabilities.



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613/742-5545
Booth 1312

Sunlight-readable armored resistive touch sensor

A D Metro's ULTRA CP touch screens combine the strength and durability of its patented armored glass/film/glass resistive touch screens with the outdoor sunlight visibility of a circular polarizer. A D Metro has produced the ideal touch solution for environments requiring crystal-clear visibility in bright sunlight with durable and tough rugged field performance. ULTRA CP carries over all the benefits from the ULTRA touch screen, including high resistance to scratches, expanded temperature operation, while remaining pressure activated by stylus, gloved hand, or other implements.



Glen Rock, PA 717/235-7979
Booth 301

Electronically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesives

Electrically conductive PSAs from Adhesives Research are used in the electronics field for electrical interconnection and assembly, thermal management, EMI/RFI shielding and grounding, static dissipation and control. The PSAs instantly provide a thin, uniform bond line to increase the function-ality of products by delivering the essential bonding and conductive properties needed for projects. With easy-to-use safe bonding options, these PSA tapes may be customized by modifying the adhesive chemistry, forms, and constructions; adhesive thickness; and release liner selection.



Tustin, CA 714/730-6728
Booth 1015

Sunlight-readable technology

Advanced Link Photonics and RayShine Photonics, pioneers in the field of optical technology, introduce to SID 2010 their latest innovation in sunlight-read-able technology: the DRT-TRIO Touch and the 4H polarizer. The DRT-TRIO Touch, based on the RT-TRIO Touch (sunlight-readable touch panel) from RayShine, offers unparalleled sunlight-readable performance (<4% reflection) and great durability, being impervious to flames, dirt, water, chemical solvents, and fingerprints, with a surface hardness of up to 8H. The 4H polarizer's durability makes it suitable for almost any rugged outdoor environment, and it is compatible with most LCD sizes.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/215-7350
Booth 1400

HIC module for haptic battery shaker

AMI introduces an actuator module to shake the mass of a battery in a handheld device to provide high-fidelity haptic feedback with minimal integration and size addition. The reference integration uses the 1-mm-thick HIC module to shake a battery tray, thus allowing reliable connections to the battery to be maintained. The HIC module that was originally designed for moving touch-screen haptics can provide a latency of less than 5 msec, high acceleration of >1g for a 150g handheld device, and fully customizable effects all in a low-power-consumption system.



Schaumburg, IL 972/516-2966
Booth 1118

LVDS shielded flat flexible cables

Axon' is offering the FDC100®, LVDS flat flexible cables designed to connect HD displays to LVDS electrical signaling systems. FFC LVDS is made of a 100-Ω shielded flat flexible cable and connectors compatible with board-mount FI-R connectors.



Fremont, CA 510/824-3001
Booth 1607

Flat-panel-display tester

The BB-3000 is a second-generation flat-panel-display tester that is designed to address the needs of display-repair companies, LCD distributors, and manufacturers of LCD and plasma displays. The platform is built on a highly customizable infra-structure to ensure long-term sustainability. It is capable of handling a variety of panel geometries and operating environments and can be quickly re-configured to address interfaces ranging from legacy TTL, LVDS, DVI/HDMI, and DisplayPort protocols. Critical items such as data collection, easy script management, and infinite interface configurations are just a few of the many rich features the BB3000 includes.



Tustin, CA 714/258-4500

Sunlight-readable TFT-LCD

Bi-Search International (BSI) is an authorized distributor of LG Display TFT-LCDs as well as an authorized enhancement center. Products include high-bright CCFLs and LED-backlit LCDs, touch integration, open-frame solutions, fully enclosed panel PC solutions, and custom LCD solutions. Featuring a sunlight-readable 15-in. XGA 1000-nit LED-backlit wide-temperature-range TFT-LCD.



Corning, NY 607/974-8741
Booth 641

Environmentally friendly glass

Corning will feature Gorilla® glass, an environmentally friendly thin sheet glass that is a highly durable, scratch-resistant LCD protective cover glass that is compatible with touch-screen devices. Gorilla glass protects the lifespan of portable display devices, without compromising clarity.



Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82-19-9159-7966
Booth 1014

Optically based LCD simulator

Daou Xilion Technology will feature the LCDMAX simulator which provides a complete optically based simulation environment. It can estimate the optical properties and mura of LCDs for scattering, diffraction, lens system, etc. For a decade, ExpertLCD has provided a complete physically based simulation environment. It can not only estimate liquid-crystal dynamics and optics, but also the electrical properties of liquid-crystal displays such as those from TN to PSA mode. ExpertOLED can estimate not only the electroluminance dynamics and optics, but also the optical properties of flexible OLED displays. A commercial OLED display can be analyzed and modeled by using ExpertOLED.



Windach, Germany +49-8193-9900-264
Booth 939

Adhesives for e-Readers

DELO Industrial Adhesives will feature newly developed adhesives, with optimized properties for display manufacturers, that are used in electro-phoretic displays. The temperature- and humidity-stable adhesives serve as an edge sealant and protects displays against humidity for a longer lifetime. DELO improved the sealants by reducing the viscosity while keeping the flexibility and a low permeation for water vapor (WVTR value), resulting in an easier lamination as well as faster dispensing. Because of their high flexibility, the sealants can be used for future rugged and flexible e-Readers. Further applications include organic photovoltaics and the fabrication of barrier films or OLED area sealing.



Doylestown, PA 215/348-5010
Booth 771

Transparent Heaters

Dontech Therma Klear™ transparent heaters provide the warmth necessary to extend the operating temperature of LCDs in cold environments (e.g., from 0° to below –40°C) and for the anti-fog, anti-icing, and de-icing of optics and optical camera, sensor, and display assemblies. A Therma Klear heater is composed of an electrically conductive thin-film coating on a visually transparent substrate. Dontech manufactures heaters using different types of crystalline materials (e.g., zinc sulfide or germanium), glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate substrates. Applications include avionic displays, vehicle displays, mobile computers, kiosks, and handheld devices. Custom shapes are available in sizes up to 24-in. diameters.



Torrance, CA 310/320-9768
Booth 741

Re-workable optical bonding adhesives

New for 2010, DuPont Display Enhancements has added four new products to its industry-leading Vertak® family of re-workable optical bonding adhesives. Developed for use in the most challenging application environments, DuPont Vertak® adhesives are ideal for bonding glass, plastics, and touch sensors in varying levels of manufacturing sophistication. From manual samples to semi-automated bonding processes, DuPont Display Enhancements offers DBA2110 and DBA2210 for fully automated direct-bonding equipment, specifically designed to meet high-volume consumer-application throughput requirements. Also offering higher viscosity DBA2120 and DBA2220.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-8751-5191
Booth 1303

Multi-touch technology

EETI offers a comprehensive selection of touch technologies that drives today's market momentum, focusing on the development of projected-capacitive touch and analog matrix resistive touch used in end products, such as mobile phones, MIDs, tablet PCs, notebooks and all-in-one PCs. Applicable in Window, Linux, and Mac operating systems.



Herouville, Saint Clair, France +33-2-31-94-76-00
Booth 646

Optical characterization of 3-D displays

Even if all types of 3-D displays provide the depth perception by dispatching two different images in the left and right eyes of the observer, the method to achieve this task is very dependent on the display type. This is why optical characterization techniques must be adapted to each type of display. ELDIM proposes different instruments dedicated to autostereoscopic, polarization-based, and shutter-glasses 3-D displays. The VCMaster3D Fourier-optics viewing-angle instrument is well adapted for autostereoscopic 3-D displays because of its extremely high angular resolution. EZContrastMS, which can measure directly the polarization state of the light, is used for polarization-based stereoscopic displays. The OptiscopeSA, which measures the temporal behavior, is used for shutter-glasses displays.



Dortmund, Germany +49-(0)-231-7549
Booth 417-5

IR-based optical system

ELMOS will introduce HALIOS® (high-ambient-light-independent system), an active infrared-based optical system which allows HMI control by detecting non-touch gestures and motion. The system is also suitable for switch-input architectures located behind the IR translucent and sealed surfaces. Because HALIOS® is not affected by ambient light and can be placed behind translucent surfaces, the system can be used as a HMI input in harsh-environment applications



Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 341

New plug-and-play LED driver modules

ERG is offering new enhancements to its industry-leading range of Smart Force plug-and-play LED driver solutions. The new SFDMD Series offers enhanced performance features for high-power high-brightness mid-sized LED-backlit displays. Designed for applications that require a small footprint with high efficiency and brightness stability over a wide input-voltage range, SFDMD Series drivers are less than 5 mm high and are mounting-hole compatible with ERG's existing SFDM (Mini) Series and have the FPC connector as an output option. The onboard PWM dimming can generate ratios of up to 255:1 and SFDMD Series modules operate at a very high efficiency (~90%).



Independence, OH 216/447-8498
Booth 1127

Conductive inks and pastes

Five Star Technologies will be introducing a series of new additions to its ElectroSperse line of conductive inks and pastes. The new ElectroSperse grades are polymer thick-film pastes designed specifically to hold tight dimensional control when screen-printing fine lines in tight pitch arrays. Five Star notes that 60-μm lines in 120-μm pitch arrays have been achieved with excellent line-width control. The products are ideally suited for use as electrodes and interconnects in capacitive and resistive touch sensors, flex circuit connectors, and hybrid microcircuits.



Dresden, Germany +49-35-1882-3238
Booth 431-1 (German Pavillion)

OLED microdisplay for multimedia applications

Multimedia content is being consumed by using portable consumer-electronic devices. However, the integrated display of such appliances is typically not large enough to present the content to the user in an adequate manner. Solutions to overcome this dilemma which are currently favored include head-mounted displays as well as micro-projection units. Both approaches require miniaturized displays, which offer high-resolution image displays while preserving a rather small size. The development of a new type of OLED microdisplays is the goal of European research project HYPOLED (FP7, ICT-2007.3.2-217067) which is coordinated by Fraunhofer IPMS. The results of HYPOLED project will be available during SID DisplayWeek 2010.



Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 408

R&D ink-jet printer for display materials

FUJIFILM Dimatix has developed a new R&D printer, the DMP-3000, to complement its existing DMP-2831 to aid industrial and university laboratories in making breakthroughs in materials science for display fabrication techniques using solution chemistry and ink-jet printing. Successfully meeting major design specifications, the DMP-3000 is an ink-jet deposition system that is capable of printing a wide range of inorganic, organic, and hybrid functional fluids from both experimental cartridge-based print heads with small volumes and high-performance print heads appropriate for industrial and high-throughput applications.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/745-4924
Booth 764

Multi-input resistive touch panel

Fujitsu Components America will be demonstrating its new, multi-input resistive touch panels. These panels offer the following features: accepts single-tap and multi-touch input; accepts stylus handwriting and two-finger input; pinch, push, rotate, and scroll functionality; highly durability for rugged applications; capable of large-sized panel designs; proprietary Fujitsu design (patent pending); 5–12-in. panel sizes; Windows 7 logo approved; controller and driver IC support; in production since January 2010.



San Diego, CA 858/279-8034
Booth 638

Portable colorimeter

Gamma Scientific and UDT Instruments' New SLS 9400 FC Plus Colorimeter is a simple, precise, portable, and affordable instrument designed for the measurement and color characterization of both flat-panel displays and CRTs. The SLS-9400 FC Plus is a battery-operated portable device designed for field or production environment use and can be custom or field calibrated for any display-measurement application. It has a superior luminance range of from 0.2 to 1500 cd/m2 for accurately calculating contrast and measuring black screens. The four-filter design with polarization de-coupler reduces measurement error and enhances the instrument's accuracy and repeatability over competitive products.



Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 1424

New LED-based edge-lighting solutions

GLT is offering new LED-based high-performance ultra-thin light guides for the edge-lit backlighting of LCDs, keyboards, and keypads, as well as egress lighting, downlighting, under-cabinet, splash, and desk task lighting, and refrigeration and cabinet illumination. GLT has developed a new range of edge-lighting solutions utilizing the world's most efficient LED-based edge-lighting technology for maximum brightness with optimum uniformity and superior color mixing. GLT edge lighting employs widely spaced, high-output LEDs that focus light into a high-performance backlight, or light guide. Because the LEDs are located on the edge of the light guide, there is better optical control, fewer LEDs needed, better repeatability, and the thinnest possible backlight. Having three manufacturing facilities in the Far East, GLT can provide low-cost manufacturing and quick turnaround.



Orlando, FL 407/422-3171
Booth 505

Automated display measurement system

The Life Sciences and Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego offers the OL 770-ADMS, a modular, motion-control platform suitable for a variety of automated measurement applications, including display testing. The system features our OL 770 High-speed Multichannel Spectro-radiometer for a complete, robust and flexible tool. The motion system is expandable up to five axes (x, y, z, horizontal, and vertical). Powerful software allows users to create scripted automation and even the integration of other measurement tools for fully automated parameter testing.



Being, China +86-10-6841-9438-606
Booth 138

e-paper screen

Halation Photonics has successfully made multi-stable liquid-crystal-technology-based e-paper screens. The MS-LC e-paper achieves e-ink-like performance. This new-generation e-paper has many advantages in contrast, reflectivity, response time, colorization, and other parameters. In addition, the cost of Halation's e-paper screens is much lower. The main characteristics include paper-like performance; no damage to the eyes; no power consumption needed without changing the status; flexible screen with full color; can be read directly under sunlight; maximum of 256 gray scales; screen size ranging from 2 to 22 ft.



San Jose, CA 408/467-1900
Booth 135

Haptic-enabled user interfaces

Immersion's TouchSense® 2100 solution provides haptic-enabled user interfaces for touch screens, touch panels, and touch surfaces in consumer-electronics devices. Expanding on the capabilities of the TouchSense 2000 for simpler interfaces, TouchSense 2100 provides a broader palette of haptic effects and integrates well with screen and gesture-based inputs. Haptic feedback enables Touchpad feedback, replacing mechanical feedback; capacitive button confirmation; touch-screen feedback; virtual keyboards; improved GUI elements; the restoration of "feel" to the interface. Target devices include PMPs, smartbooks/netbooks, portable POS, digital cameras, printers, portable, medical, appliances/white goods, PNDs, and IP phones.

Austin, TX 512/297-6750
Booth 1004

Notebook-panel standard

The Video Electronics Standards Association selected the I-PEX Cabline®–VS connector as the standard for the 16:9 notebook-panel standard that applies to LCD assemblies that utilize LED backlight units. Flat-panel-display integrators require the high-bit-rate serial-data electrical transmission performance of the small outline, low-profile interconnection, as well as the easy to mate/un-mate, durability, and locking design features. System integrators have determined that the connector performs well for "embedded DisplayPort" eDP serial data rates called HBR1 at 2.7 Gbps. I-PEX testing claims compliance with the electrical performance of the higher speed eDP™ HBR2 and "internal DisplayPort" iDP requirements.



Kent, OH 330/673-8784 x161
Booth 437

LCD writing tablet

The Boogie Board LCD writing tablet is the tree-friendly, electronic alternative to paper, pencils, and pens – and it's just as easy to use! Simply write or draw with the included stylus or other suitable instrument (even your finger) to create an image and then erase with the push of a button. The first product sold by Improv Electronics, a Kent Displays company, the Boogie Board tablet utilizes a Reflex No Power LCD with pressure sensitivity for the writing surface. The LCDs are mass produced exclusively in the U.S. on the world's first roll-to-roll line for fabrication of flexible LCDs.



Westborough, MA 508/870-5959
Booth 545

Hands-free wireless computing

Golden-i provides "hands-free" mobile computing and communications, ideal for industrial, medical, and construction applications. Golden-i integrates Kopin's award-winning microdisplay technology with advanced speech recognition, multiple wireless radios, and multiple high-performance mobile processors running on a Microsoft Windows operating system, enabling "hands-free" wireless remote control over an array of host devices, including cellular phones, PCs, company networks, and wireless systems. Golden-i is designed to also accept conventional user interfaces such as touch screens, keyboards, or a wireless mouse from any wireless host device.



Littleton, MA 978/486-0766
Booth 128

Interactive optimizer

Lambda Research Corp. will introduce an interactive optimizer specifically designed to optimize LED display applications. This new utility works inside of TracePro, Lambda's award winning illumination program to create innovative solutions for both display and lightpipe designs using both LED and fluorescent sources. The interactive optimizer allows users to digitize an idea, specify the varying parameters in the design, create a target output, and let the optimizer iterate towards a solution. Users can pick from seven different merit functions for targets, including flux, illuminance, intensity, candela profiles, and color targets.



Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31-4025-90100
Booth 405

Full-color reflective e-Reader display

LiquavistaColor, the first high-performance full-color display and a natural evolution of the LiquavistaBright solution, combines color-filter technology with advanced algorithms for improved color management. Using technology now referred to as "LCD 2.0," LiquavistaColor is a very attractive solution for the large sunlight-readable handheld or mobile devices specified for heterogeneous and high-rate stream of content; not for only reading books or feeds or newspapers, but also for browsing photos and clips, and social networking. Consumers can enjoy magazine-quality performance with bright, full-color low-power video with high contrast, excellent viewing angles, and full-sunlight readability.



Painesville, OH 440/354-2100
Booth 1010

FPD cables and connectors

Meritec will feature special shielding on flat flex cable assemblies developed to solve EMI issues for improved impedance matching and ultimate flexibility in the box and to pass through the hinge of the laptop-style application. Available in many configurations, including FPDI-1 31, 41, and 51 position assemblies, LVDS cabling utilizing DF-19-FI-X and DVI Connectors in a variety of sizes. Also available are ZIF and Meritec's ZIFLOC insert molded Zif terminations in industry-standard pitches and conductor counts.



Austin, TX 512/385-4552
Booth 107

Large-substrate cleaner

Nano-Master is introducing Large-Substrate Cleaning (LSC) systems (21-in. OD or 15 x 15 in.) for state-of-the-art damage-free megasonic cleaning of delicate patterned or unpatterned substrates. Nano-Master cleaners offer an array of options. A variable-speed PVA brush system provides a mechanical means of removing stains and resist residues on unpatterned substrates. The ozonated DI water option allows removal of organics without the use of aggressive chemicals. Piranha Cleaning as well as SC1 and SC2 cleaning is also available. Our optional hydrogenated DI water system in conjunction with Megasonic energy makes removal of nano-scale particles possible.



Aston, PA 610/202-8892
Booth 531

Conveyor air bearings

The New Way C-Series conveyor air bearing provides non-contact control for FPD or PV glass handling, increasing throughput and yield. This new hybrid design combines the best performance characteristics of the company's H-Series (high speed) and L-Series (low airflow) conveyors. Air pressure issues from millions of sub-micron-sized holes across the bearing surface, virtually eliminating glass contact. A vacuum groove controls the glass, while enabling a 20–120-μm fly-height range (with a stability of ±5 μm). The C-Series is also engineered to reduce system and operating costs.



Pleasanton, CA 925/272-4521
Booth 941

Touch-screen overlay

Optical touch-screen technology for displays, kiosks, and interactive whiteboards from 30 to 120 in. and for desktop PCs from 15 to 30 in. has been NextWindow's development focus since 2000. The 2700 Series touch-screen overlay, NextWindow's newest product, transforms existing 30–82-in. displays into high-performance touch displays. This lightweight, user-installed overlay allows users to take advantage of native Windows 7 multi-touch features and is ideal for public-facing applications such as interactive digital signage, conference rooms, and classrooms.



Schaumburg, IL 847/778-6770
Booth 1324

Touch input devices

Nissha's touch input devices are highly regarded for their high-precision technology and functionality. Nissha uses state-of-the-art photomechanical process techniques to create touch input devices. Nissha expands the degree of freedom in product design by an approach unique only to a printing company from flat to 3-D, small-to-large format. By capitalizing on our technology, Nissha will continue to develop new products going beyond the limits of touch-input devices.



Kfar Saba IL, Israel +972-9-799-616
Booth 1519


The N-trig DuoSense® solution provides a combined pen and true multi-touch interface that is changing how we interact with our computing devices. DuoSense multi-touch capabilities enables the manipulation of items directly on the screen for up to four fingers and together with the pen functionality enables easy and efficient annotation. N-trig sets the stage for OEMs and ISVs to introduce new computer products and applications for an intuitive Hands-on® experience. DuoSense digitizers are easily integrated into existing technologies for all LCDs, and keep devices slim and light.



Thame, Oxon, U.K. +44-(0)-1844-260377
Booth 859

Bonding process

ViZ-Bond is a newly developed process by Optical Filters for the direct bonding to flat-panel displays and the enhancement of touch screens with EMI shielding or transparent heaters. The benefits of ViZ-Bond include an incredibly stable and index-matched adhesive, an eliminated risk of process failure and loss of expensive components, consistent high quality and high yields, ability to process screens ranging in size from 3.7 to 60 in., with production in Meadville, USA, and Thame, U.K. ViZ-Bond is a complimentary process to the existing dry film and PSA processes.



Plymouth, MI 734/416-8500
Booth 772

White-LED-backlit TFT-LCDs

Optrex has developed one of the broadest lines of TFT-LCDs with white-LED backlights for industry applications. These displays feature longer lifetimes (an average 60,000 hours), front-of-screen brightness levels ranging from 400 to 700 cd/m2 for indoor use and from 800 to 1500 cd/m2 for outdoor applications. Additional features include wide viewing angles up to 160¼, high contrast ratios up to 1000:1, and wide operating and storage temperature ranges. Display sizes include 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, 6.5, 8.4, 10.4, 12.1, and 15.0 in. on the diagonal, in a variety of resolutions.



Chatsworth, CA 818/725-9750 x175
Booth 120


With eight measuring apertures, 0.0001-fL luminance sensitivity, variable bandwidth (automated selection between 2, 4, and 8 nm), virtually non-existent polarization error (< 0.2%), and 512 thermo-electrically cooled detectors, the PR-730 is the best yet. Other features include full-color touch-screen display, USB, Bluetooth, and RS232 interfaces, battery-powered operation, and SD card storage. An extended version, the PR-735, covers a broader spectrum from 380 to 1080 nm.



Beaverton, OR 503/748-5886
Booth 1601

LED-backlit ultra-thin display

Planar Systems will feature its LB3251W 32-in. HD-resolution display, offering an ultra-thin bezel – less than 0.5-in.-thick for flush-wall-mount capability. LED backlighting provides energy-efficient high-brightness illumination and longer life, along with vandal-resistant bezel and safety-glass options. The noise-immune fiber-optic interface with optional passive loop-through provides functionality for up to eight displays from a single source. The 32-in. display offers standardized serial command protocol over a fiber-optic interface.



San Diego, CA 858/651-0686
Booth 863

MEMS display for mobile devices

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies has developed the industry's first MEMS display for mobile devices, a true technological innovation that offers low power consumption and superb viewing quality in a wide range of environmental conditions, including bright sunlight. The display works by reflecting light so that specific wavelengths interfere with each other to create color. The phenomenon that makes butterfly's wings shimmer is the same process used in Qualcomm's mirasol displays.



Incheon, Korea +82-32-254-2520
Booth 519

Simulation software

Sanayi System Co. provides TechWiz LCD simulation software. Products and services cover the design and optimization of all the electrical and optical characteristics of LCDs. Data-exchange functions can be used with various measurement instruments for higher reliability. TechWiz LCD 1D PLUS, TechWiz LCD 2D, and TechWiz LCD 3D also available.



San Diego, CA 858/278-7300
Booth 1524

TFT wide-screen LCDs

Santek offers a family of 7-in. TFT wide-screen 800 x 480 resolution LCDs, including the ST0700I6-RBSLW-F (250 cd/m2, no touch), ST0700I6Y-RBSLW-F (with touch panel), and ST0700I6W-RSHLW-F (1400 cd/m2, sunlight readable). The ST0700I6W-RSHLW-F is "actively" enhanced. This technique involves adding lamps to the backlight and increasing its output to an overall display measurement of 1400 nits. The technique is superior to both "passive" and "in-cell transflective" methods of sunlight readability because it effectively overcomes glare and sunlight while preserving overall color saturation. Sunlight-readable and touch-panel options, plus attractive prices, make these display versions a highly desired combination for a user-interface device.

sim4tec GmbH
Dresden, Germany +49-(0)-51-4466-499
Booth 419

OLED simulation software

sim4tec will show the brand new version 3.0 of its OLED simulation software SimOLED® which can be used to model the complete optoelectrical characteristics (e.g., current density, luminance, and efficiency) of multilayered multi-emitter OLEDs. Version 3.0 comes, for the first time, with a fully combined optical and electrical simulation module, enabling the user to calculate key figures such as color, power, and quantum efficiencies as a function of electrical parameters such as voltage or mobility. SimOLED's fast computation and predictive power will greatly reduce R&D costs of OLED designers and manufactures. Applications include OLED displays, OLED lighting, and plastic electronics.



Pak Shek Kok NT, Hong Kong +852-2207-1560
Booth 935

Capacitive touch-panel controller

The SSD2531 from Solomon Systech is an all-in-one capacitive touch-panel controller that integrates power circuits, driving circuits, and sensing circuits into a single chip. It can drive a capacitive touch panel up to WVGA display resolution. Its DSP-based architecture supports up to four fingers simultaneous detection. It also supports stylus detection, auto calibration for each cross-over point, and has an embedded noise-rejection correlator for better signal-to-noise ratio. Four additional sensing button pins allow for more flexible product designs. With a highly compact and competitive design, the SSD2531 enables the use of a touch panel in portable devices such as mobile phones, PNDs, digital still cameras, and more.



Scottsdale, AZ 480/922-5344
Booth 1009

Film-lamination equipment

The TMS-SA film lamination machine is used for laminating films to various substrates used in the display industry. It can laminate substrate sizes from 10 to 22 in. Lamination machines for substrates up to 65 in. are available. The TMS-SA series of lamination machines are designed to be affordably priced for R&D and low-to-medium volume production without sacrificing the performance of more expensive models. The TMS-SA maintains Sun-Tec's high production standards and assures bubble-free lamination with placement accuracy of up to 0.2 mm. Options include a table for laminating substrates with flex circuits, de-ionizer, Hepa filter, safety light curtain, and lamination rollers suitable for a variety of products.



Kaukauan, WI 920/766-4611
Booth 939

Glass protection paper

Thilmany Papers' Glass-Gard WR-139 is designed to keep your product stain and scratch free. Made from 100% virgin fiber, this unique manufacturing process prevents particle generation without the use of coatings or chemicals. And our world-class flaw-detection system shields products like no other paper or film. Features include strict manufacturing controls for product cleanliness, state-of-the-art cleaning and screening equipment, world-class defect inspection systems, 100% recyclable performance, elimination of film handling and disposal, reduction of glass clean-up time and cost, superior stiffness allowing faster handling, ability to fit Gen-10-sized glass panels and beyond.



Ewing, NJ 609/671-0980x206
Booth 1213

Phosphorescent OLED Materials and Technology

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, award-winning UniversalPHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology enable manufacturers to produce OLEDs with dramatically higher power efficiency compared to conventional OLEDs and LCDs. Available in many colors, PHOLEDs offer excellent performance for displays and white lighting. Universal Display, a leading developer and licensor of OLED technologies, will also exhibit prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including FOLED® Flexible OLED, TOLED® Transparent OLED, and WOLED White OLED technologies.



Austin, TX 512/385-9000 x1127
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Custom projective-capacitive multi-touch

US Micro Products offers the leading projective capacitive multi-touch solutions. Multi-touch is the best that touch technology has to offer. Multi-touch makes it easier to interact with devices by allowing the user to have gesture control and all-point multi-touch interaction, without requiring Windows 7. Custom sizes produced to specifications. Corning's Gorilla Glass is designed specifically to function as a protective window for portable display devices and is available as an option with our multi-touch.


Saint Charles, MO 636/300-5100
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Temporal response detector

Westar Display Technologies will introduce the TRD-100A-SAO PMT-based Temporal Response Detector with integrated "Slit Aperture Optics." By reshaping the optical aperture to a horizontal slit, this smart sensor avoids "signal smear" caused by non-trival spot refresh times characteristic of large circular apertures. This smart sensor includes programmable gain and a CCD view port and is used to measure response time, gray-to-gray transition times, and flicker on LCD products with switching speeds down to 0.1 msec.



Blaydon on Tyne, UK +44-191-4145-511
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Projected-capacitive controller

Zytronic's next-generation ZXY100 touch controllers, for use with its proprietary Projective Capacitive Technology (PCT™) touch sensors, will be unveiled at SID 2010. The controllers improve touch-screen speed and accuracy, add exciting new functionality, and significantly reduce the PCB footprint. Driven by a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and custom ASIC, the ZXY100 controllers are compatible with ZYPOS®, ZYBRID®, ZYTOUCH®, ZYFILM,® and ZYPROFILM® sensors. An accompanying new Zytronic driver includes innovative features, such as in-field firmware updating. The controller firmware also supports Microsoft® Windows® 7 HID driver, enabling plug-and-play operation with single- or dual-point touch, and linkage to the system's gesturing recognition. •