SID: The Birthplace of Display Technologies


by Munisamy Anandan
President, Society for Information Display

The Society for Information Display has a unique place in modern history: it is where almost all display technologies have had their beginnings. Over the years, inventors from various parts of the world have chosen SID's symposium, exhibition, or publications to promote their inventions. Starting with CRT technology, and following up with plasma, EL, LCD, FED, OLED, and MEMS-based displays, every invention leveraged SID as the main forum for its growth.

The Society has been promoting the science and technology of displays all over the world, from New Zealand to Canada, and from Russia to Brazil, through conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and publications, since 1962. The breathtaking display technologies we see today in commercial products at the Consumer Electronics Show are those that were growing for the past 20 years or so within SID.

Because the display industry has grown ever more global and dynamic, SID has responded with an increased international presence, and by providing opportunities for companies to expand the display business, all the while keeping the focus on the science and technology of displays. SID has also taken the initiative to grow in areas of the world where the manufacturing of displays has been migrating.

Recently, we experienced a global economic downturn. Many industries and institutions were hit by the tough economy, and the display industry was no exception. Now, as the economy and the display industry rebuild, it is important to remember the continuing role that SID must play in supporting the further success of information-display technology. SID is rich in many ways: in the intellectual capital of its members, in the spirit of its sustaining members, in the innovations of display technology, in knowledge-sharing among members, in growing student members – the future pillars of SID – and in changing the lives of people all over the world by helping them to keep up with the information age.

I would like to propose that as we enter this 48th year of SID's International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, we think about what we might do to maintain and also increase the energy of SID and moving forward. Many of our readers are engaged in the display or display-related activity of their company or academic institution. Some of you are entrepreneurs, some are senior-level executives, some are scientists/engineers/technologists, and some are professors or students. Whoever you are, you all have faced or will face highly challenging tasks in the course of your career. There are those times when you aspire to seize the opportunity of a lifetime and undergo an enormous struggle to achieve success. If you do succeed, it will be due to your knowledge, your hard work, a bit of luck, and perhaps, most importantly, your spontaneous participation in the greater environment of your chosen endeavor. Whatever industry you are in, participation is the key to success. That means not only participation in the workplace, but also in organizations such as SID, which is dedicated to the growth of the display industry, display science, and display technology.

You will continue to need SID to facilitate your growth, and, in turn, SID needs you to maintain its growth. For this birthplace of the display technology to continue to evolve in proportion to the display industry at large, I appeal to you to participate, participate, participate!

Lastly, as incoming President, I would like to thank my fellow members and sponsors for their support and the opportunity they have given me to serve. I thank the outgoing President Paul Drzaic for introducing me in his previous column in Information Displaymagazine. He and the past presidents, including Aris Silzars, Allan Kmetz, Shigeo Mikoshiba, and Larry Weber, have provided the utmost dedicated service to SID. Because of their efforts we are proud of what we are today. •