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The New Year Brings in a New Era for OLED Technology
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Kodak to Sell OLED Display Business to LG
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

The Emergence of Solid-State Lighting
By Jeffrey Spindler

President's Corner

Innovation in a Big Tent
By Paul Drzaic

Frontline Technology: Next-Generation Solid-State-Lighting Technology

Inorganic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have the potential to revolutionize the lighting industry due to high efficiency, long lifetime, and unique form factors that will enable creative lighting designs not possible with conventional light sources. This article will provide an overview of inorganic and organic light-emitting-diode technology as it applies to solid-state lighting, with an emphasis on OLEDs.
By Jeffrey Spindler, Tukaram K. Hatwar, and Steven Van Slyke

Frontline Technology: LEDs Come to the Forefront of General Lighting Applications

High-brightness LEDs used in solid-state lighting are changing the way light is used to define areas, shape living spaces, save energy, influence moods, improve security, and transfer information. Lighting designers using LEDs will have the ability to transform the way we see the world.
By Christopher Eichelberger

Journal of the SID February Contents

Making Displays Work for You: The Transition from Driving LED Backlights to Driving Solid-State Lighting

The secret to getting the most from LED solid-state lighting is to understand that different topologies must be implemented for different applications.
By Graham Upton, Michael Keene, and Michael Kretzmer

Enabling Technology: Solid-State Lighting for the General-Illumination Market

Both LEDs and OLEDs show promise in various residential, industrial, and institutional applications.
By Jenny Donelan