Display Week 2010 to Feature New Special Topics of Interest

In order to address the recent rapid growth in certain areas of information display, the Society for Information Display has added four new tracks of special topics of interest to the upcoming Symposium at Display Week 2010. These topics include touch technology, 3-D, solid-state lighting, and green technology.

3-D: The momentum for home 3-D has been building recently as more and more TV manufacturers announce new 3-D products. This year's technical program will be emphasizing the different developments and approaches that are leading the way toward 3-D entertainment in the home and includes 48 papers on 3-D technology. Among this year's topics will be polarization-based stereoscopic displays, crosstalk in stereoscopic displays, autostereoscopic displays, autostereoscopic display measurements, 2-D/3-D switching for stereoscopic displays, human factors of 3-D displays, volumetric and integral imaging, 3-D TV and 3-D video, and novel 3-D displays.

Solid-State Lighting: Solid-state lighting, with its promise of saving energy and providing design flexibility, has been continually gaining acceptance over conventional lighting. It is already well-established in areas such as backlights for displays, digital signage, and small specialty lighting applications and is expanding into mainstream markets including home, office, and street lighting; automobile headlamps; and other applications. The 2010 SID technical program will be highlighting the different developments and approaches that are leading the way toward further expansion of the role of LEDs and also OLEDs in solid-state lighting. Four sessions on lighting technology and one session on human factors, incorporating 22 papers in all, are scheduled for presentation.

Touch Technology: Display Week organizers added this area based on the record-breaking number of exhibitors (54) who displayed touch screens, touch controllers, or touch-related products and services at Display Week 2009, and the record-breaking number of touch-related papers (16) presented at last year's Symposium – surpassed this year with 19 presentations. Among the topics that will be addressed in this year's technical sessions are touch-technology development, multi-touch systems and developments, and display-embedded touch solutions.

Green Technology: Due to both government regulations and public opinion, energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and recyclability have become key issues in display development. Accordingly, six sessions on different aspects of green technology totaling 22 papers will be presented as part of the 2010 technical program. Sessions include low-power e-paper and other bistable displays, novel power-reduction techniques, power-saving device designs, smart grid and power recycling, and green technologies in active-matrix devices and display manufacturing.

With these new topics of interest, plus a wealth of papers on numerous other areas that are key to the display industry, this year's Symposium will be a vital source of information for anyone in or interested in the display industry. To find out more, visitwww.sid.org/conf/sid2010/sid2010.html. •