The following papers appear in the May 2010 (Vol. 18/5) issue of JSID
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Determination of luminance distribution of autostereoscopic 3-D displays through calculation of angular profile (pages 327–335)
Hyungki Hong and Moojong Lim, LG Display Co., Ltd., Korea

Novel direct-view LED backlight unit with an aspheric microlens array and a rough-texture sheet(pages 336–345)
Chingfu Tsou, Chunming Chang, Tenghsien Lai, and Chenghan Huang, Feng Chia University, Taiwan, ROC

Flexible amorphous-silicon non-volatile memory (pages 346–350)
Nazanin Darbanian, Sameer M. Venugopal, Shrinivas G. Gopalan, David R. Allee, and Lawrence T. Clark, Flexible Display Center, Arizona State University, USA

A new low-power driving method for high-resolution mobile IPS LCDs (pages 351–356)
Naoki Takada, Norio Mamba, Takuya Eriguchi, and Yasuyuki Kudo, Hitachi Central Research Laboratories, Japan; Yoshihiro Kotani, Masahiro Maki, Hideo Satou, Shouji Nagao, Shinichi Iwasaki, Shinya Hashimoto, Kenichi Akiyama, and Tsutomu Furuhashi, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan

Thermal-deformation characterization of the panel of a TFT-LCD TV. Part II: Solutions to thermal-induced extrusion degrading image quality (pages 357–367)
Chung-Yi Chu and Min-Chun Pan, National Central University, Taiwan

Effects of color and background luminance on minimal legible size of dynamic Chinese characters presented on a LCD monitor for low-vision and normally sighted users (pages 368–375)
Kuo-Chen Huang, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Eyepiece focus and vergence/accommodation conflict: Implications for night-vision devices(pages 376–385)
Marie Charbonneau, THALES Avionics, France; Alain Léger, THALES Key Technologies Domain, France; Bernard Claverie, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Cognitique, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux, France

A 6:1 image-compression method using directional prediction for LCD overdrive (pages 386–390)
Yinji Piao and JongHyon Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea; JeaHyoung Park and HyunWook Park, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea