The following papers appear in the
September 2009 (Vol. 17/9) issue of JSID. 

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The following papers appear in the
October 2009 (Vol. 17/10) issue of JSID. 

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The influence of unilateral acceleration on color-gamut properties of a TFT-LCD (pages 697–700)
Simon Grbec, Kolektor Group, Slovenia; Janez Diaci, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anode-voltage-controlled circuit for compensation of luminance deterioration (pages 779–784)
Naruhiko Kasai, et al., Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan
A dual-cell-gap transflective liquid-crystal display with identical response time in transmissive and reflective regions (pages 701–704)
Jian-De Zhang, et al., Sichuan University, China

Digital-to-analog converter with gamma correction on glass substrate for TFT-panel applications (pages 785–794)
Tzu-Ming Wang, et al., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Reducing image sticking in AMOLED displays with time-ratio gray scale by analog calibration (pages 705–713)
Dong-Yong Shin, Seoul National University and Samsung Mobile Display, Korea; Jong-Kwan Woo, et al., Seoul National University, Korea; Keum-Nam Kim, et al., Samsung Mobile Display, Korea

A single-substrate multicolor cholesteric liquid-crystal display prepared through ink-jet printing (pages 795–799)
Jhih-Ping Lu, et al., ITRI, Taiwan; Fang-Chung Chen, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Reading dynamic Chinese text on the go (pages 715–720)
Yu-Hung Chien, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Speckle-noise suppression due to a single ferroelectric liquid-crystal cell (pages 801–807)
Alexander A. Andreev, et al., Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia

High-performance high-efficiency LED-backlight driving system for LCD panels (pages 723–734)
Gang-Youl Jeong, Soonchunhyang University, Korea

A rugged display: Recent results of flexible cholesteric liquid-crystal displays (pages 811–820)
Jyh-Wen Shiu, et al., Janglin Chen, ITRI, Taiwan

Effect of source/drain overlap region on device performance in a-IGZO thin-film transistors (pages 735–738)
Dong-Ho Nam, et al., Chungnam National Laboratory, Korea; Jae-Kyeong Jeong, Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Korea

A polarizer-free flexible display using dye-doped liquid-crystal gel (pages 821–826)
Yi-Hsin Lin, et al., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan; Yung-Hsun Wu, Innolux Display Corp., Taiwan

Thin-film barriers using transparent conducting oxides for organic light-emitting diodes (pages 739–744)
Ho Nyeon Lee, et al., Soonchunhyang University, Korea

Zig-zag electrode pattern for high brightness in a super in-plane-switching liquid-crystal cell (pages 827–831)
Hyunchul Choi, LG Display, Korea; Jun-ho Yeo and Gi-Dong Lee, Dong-A University, Korea

Fabrication of IZO transparent conducting thin films by the use of magnetron sputtering equipped with ion-beam system (pages 745–750)
Jae-Hye Jung and Se-Jong Lee, Kyungsung University, Korea; Hyeon Seok Hwang and Hong Koo Baik, Yonsei University, Korea; Nam-Ihn Cho, Sun Moon University, Korea

Cell-parameter measurement system for a liquid-crystal cell by using a telecentric lens (pages 833–839)
Marenori Kawamura and Takumi Sano, Akita University; S. Sato, Akita Research Institute of Advanced Technology, Japan

Zinc oxide by ALD for thin-film-transistor application(pages 751–755)
Woon-Seop Choi, Hoseo University, Korea

Novel light-extraction film (pages 841–847)
John C. Brewer and Ronald J. Sudol, SKC Haas Display Films (USA), USA

Electron-beam curing of color filters for flexible-display applications (pages 757–763)
Jeong Seog Kim, et al., Hoseo University, Korea; Byoung Cheol Lee and Young Hwan Han, Quantum Optics Lab, Korea
A broadband wide-incident-angle reflective polarization converter (pages 849–852)
Yan Li, et al., University of Central Florida, USA
Electron-beam deposition of MgO on plastic substrate and manufacturing flexible flat fluorescent lamp(pages 765–770)
Jung Min Cho, et al., Hoseo University, Korea; Nam In Cho, Sun Moon University, Korea

Active-matrix and flexible liquid-crystal displays with carbon-nanotube pixel (pages 853–860)
Axel Schindler, et al., Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany

Dynamic adaptation model and equal-whiteness CCT curves for the choice of display reference white(pages 771–776)
Eun-Su Kim, Sun Moon University, Korea

Fluorescent-based tandem white OLEDs designed for display and solid-state lighting applications (pages 861–868)
Jeffrey P. Spindler and Tukaram K. Hatwar, Eastman Kodak Co., USA

  Thin flexible photosensitive cholesteric displays(pages 869–873)
Nithya Venkataraman, et al., Kent Displays, USA; Lisa Green and Quan Li, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University, USA