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Continuous Improvements Starts at Home
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Green Legislation for Display Manufacturers
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner

Going Viral, Getting Passionate
By Paul Drzaic

Frontline Technology: Enhancing Mobility through Display Innovation

As consumers become increasingly reliant on mobile devices with large displays and computer-like functionality, device designers need to address limitations in both power and visibility across all lighting environments. Micoelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology is a promising solution.
By Jim Cathey

Frontline Technology: Making a Mobile Display Using Polarizer-Free Reflective LCDs and Ultra-Low-Power Driving Technology

Through refinement of materials and fabrication conditions, a reflective display with reduced flicker and image sticking at low frame rates was produced. The display consumes very little power and works in a wide range of temperatures, making it a potential platform for future mobile devices.
By Kiyoshi Minoura, Yasushi Asaoka, Eiji Satoh, Kazuhiro Deguchi, Takashi Satoh, Ichiro Ihara, Sayuri Fujiwara, Akio Miyata, Yasuhisa Itoh, Seijiro Gyoten, Noboru Matsuda, and Yasushi Kubota

Making Displays Work for You: Tactile-Feedback Solutions for an Enhanced User Experience

Tactile feedback has been shown to greatly improve the touch-screen user experience, and the variety of actuation technologies available makes it possible in virtually any electronic device.
By Michael Levin and Alfred Woo

Display Marketplace: Mobile-Display Evolution - More at Your Fingertips

Mobile-display developers have been improving the quality and lowering the cost of their products as the demands on mobile devices increase.
By Paul Semenza

Enabling Technology: The Approach of 4G

The next-generation mobile network will offer bigger, better, faster bandwidth and is being promoted as enabling "anytime, anywhere, anything" in terms of content. How will this type of connectivity actually come to pass and what does it mean for mobile-device displays?
By Jenny Donelan

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