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A Gamut of Options
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

E Ink to Be Acquired by Prime View International
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

3-D Closer to Home
By Brian Schowengerdt

President's Corner

By Paul Drzaic

3-D Displays in the Home

There are many predictions that the next stage in the commercial evolution of consumer display technology is the widespread availability of stereoscopic 3-D content for viewing on home 3-D displays. This article describes the types of 3-D displays that are currently available, as well as what technologies are on the horizon.
By Andrew Woods

An Overview for Developing End-to-End Standards for 3-D TV in the Home

Enthusiastic consumer response to recent 3-D theatrical releases is demonstrating users' appetite for 3-D content, and 3-D seems destined to become the next killer application for the home-entertainment industry. Until then, the standardization of 3-D formats for mastering and distribution is critically important for a successful introduction to the consumer market.
By William Zou

Gamma, Brightness, and Luminance Considerations for HD Displays

As the market for new HD technology expands, it is a good time to examine the correct brightness-luminance relationship for high-definition displays. The DICOM standard represents a possible way of doing this.
Martin Kykta

Enabling Small-Format Electronic Paper in Smart Surfaces

A new, simplified approach to drive electronics could make electronic-paper displays viable for a wide range of smaller, less-expensive devices.
Matthew Aprea

Journal of the SID July Contents

A listing of the papers appearing in the July 2009 issue of the Journal of the SID.

Opinion: An Appeal for More Bit Depth in Displays

Technological advances in imaging and content production may render the current standard of 256 gray levels per color in most modern displays inadequate.
Walter Allen

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SID 2010 Honors and Awards Nominations.