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Looking Forward
By Stephen P. Atwood

President's Corner

A Very Intense Week
By Paul Drzaic

Display Week 2009 Review: Touch Technology

Touch screens exploded in numbers and capabilities this year.
By Geoff Walker

Display Week 2009 Review: OLEDs

OLEDs seem poised to wrest some market share from dominant display technologies.
By Paul Drzaic

Display Week 2009 Review: LCDs

LCD innovation continues to set the standard.
By Alfred Poor

Display Week 2009 Review: Flexible Displays

The technology moves closer to "product" status.
By Robert Zehner

Directory of the Display Industry

Information Display's twenty-third annual directory of the display industry.
By Jay Morreale

Display Week 2009 Review: E-Paper and Reflective Displays

Momentum builds for electrophoretic and other reflective technologies.
By Paul Drzaic

Display Week 2009 Review: Projection

Pico projectors begin to come of age, and new projection technologies appear as well.
By Alfred Poor

Case Study: High-Power Projectors Illuminate Opening Ceremonies at 2008 Beijing Summer Games

In August of 2008, the world took in an amazing spectacle as the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympic Games unfolded. Display technology, including projectors, played a major role in enabling this event.
By Terry Schmidt

Journal of the SID August Contents

SID News

The inventor of Trinitron technology dies at the age of 83.