The following papers appear in the April 2009 (Vol. 17/4) issue of JSID
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A study of roll-printing technology for TFT-LCD fabrication (pages 301–307)
Youn-Gyoung Chang, et al., LG Display, Korea

Color plastic bistable nematic display fabricated by imprint and ink-jet technology (pages 309–316)
John Rudin, Stephen Kitson, and Adrian Geisow, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA

Amorphous-silicon thin-film transistor on soda-lime glass (pages 317–321)
Ya-Teng Yang, et al., AKT, an Applied Materials Company, USA

Laser-induced full body cleavage of flat-panel-display glass (pages 323–329)
Kojiro Karube and Norio Karube, LEMI Co., Ltd., Japan

A new optical elasticity resin for mobile LCD modules (pages 331–336)
Yoshihisa Shinya, et al., Sony Chemical & Information Device Corp., Japan; Nelly Soudakova, Sony Chemical Corp., USA

Low-cost manufacturing of patterned films with nano-precision for display applications (pages 337–343)
Zhilian Zhou, et al., Liquidia Technologies, USA

Multi-viewer autostereoscopic display with dynamically addressable holographic backlight (pages 345–356)
Edward Buckley and Alex Corbett, Light Blue Optics, USA; Phil Surman and Ian Sexton, De Montfort University, UK; Klaus Hopf and Frank Newmann, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Germany

Development of high-brightness flat field-emission lamp with a special electrode system for block dimming BLUs for LCDs (pages 357–360)
Hong-Xing Wang, et al., Dilight-Japan Co., Ltd., Japan; Masayuki Nakamoto, Shizuoka University, Japan

High-luminance 1.8-mm-pixel-pitch CNT-FED for ubiquitous color character displays (pages 361–367)
Junko Yotani, et al., Noritake Co., Ltd., Japan; Kazuhiko Fukuda, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., Japan; Yahachi Saito, Nagoya University, Japan

Bistable FLCOS devices for doubled-brightness micro-projectors(pages 369–375)
Michael J. O'Callaghan, et al., Displaytech, USA

Review of viewing-angle compensation of TN-mode LCDs using WV film (pages 377–381)
Shoji Yasuda, et al., FUJIFILM Corp., Japan

Novel concept for full-color electronic paper (pages 383–388)
Kars-Michiel H. Lenssen, et al., Philips Research, The Netherlands; S. J. Roosendaal, Honeywell Aerospace, Czech Republic; Jack J. van Glabbeck, Johan T. M. Osenga, and Roland M. Schuurbiers, MiPlaza, Philips Research, The Netherlands

Fabrication of anti-reflection coatings on plastics using the spraying layer-by-layer self-assembly technique (pages 389–395)
Anindarupa Chunder, et al., University of Central Florida, USA