Big Displays, Big Opportunities
Stephen P. Atwood

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Big Displays Get Their Day in the Spotlight
Anthony C. Lowe

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Where Will the Next Disruptive Technologies Come From?

The Business of Displays

Where Will the Next Disruptive Technologies Come From?
Simon Jones

A Primer on LED Technology for Large-Display-Based Applications

In recent years, light-emitting-diode (LED) displays have emerged as the leading technology for large indoor or outdoor display applications, such as those viewed in stadiums, shopping malls, or at live events such as concerts. Here, an overview of the technology is presented.
Antoine de Ryckel

The Continuing Digitization of Outdoor Media

The technical possibilities of digital signage in outdoor advertising are seemingly overwhelming, but the widespread implementation of these technologies is moving slowly. In addition to technical, logistical, and legal obstacles that need to be overcome, financial issues are slowing down the breakthrough of digital signage into the outdoor-media business. Here, we will evaluate the available approaches from the point of view of an out-of-home media company.
Michael SchmidDennis Löffler

Unlocking the Interactive Capabilities of Large Outdoor Displays

If digital signage is to achieve maximum effect, it must first grab the attention of the viewer. It can be fun too, but fun alone is not enough because advertisers are in the business for one purpose only - to sell more product. Here, we describe an experiment in attention grabbing. It works. It's fun. But how will it translate into a business advantage?
Daniel MichelisFlorian Resatsch

Software: The Brains Behind Effective Digital Signage

Increasingly sophisticated and affordable screen technology has led to the expectation that the next generation of in-store and outdoor advertising will be "digital." Yet it is vital not to neglect the "brains" needed to run the body of a screen network. The following is an overview of the software requirements behind successful digital-signage networks and how they can be fulfilled.
Chris Frampton

Journal of the SID Preview

The papers appearing in the March 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
Aris Silzars