Cherish Each Step in the Process
By Stephen P. Atwood

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The Touch It Is A-Changing ...

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The Touch It Is A-Changing ...
By Geoff Walker

The Business of Displays

Re-Focusing Microvision, Inc.
By David Lashmet

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Understanding the Scope of Patents and Identifying Potential Infringement Issues (Part IV).
By Clark A. Jablon, Esq.

Developing the First Commercial Product that Uses Multi-Touch Technology

The first commercial product to use multi-touch technology - JazzMutant's Lemur music controller - came to life in 2004. Through the story of the development of the technology, this article draws the outlines of the current state of the art in the emerging realm of multi-touch technologies. In particular, this article focuses on passive-matrix multi-touch technology.
By Guillaume Largillier

Advances in Force-Based Touch Panels

For what seems to be a remarkably simple concept, force-based touch panels have been extremely difficult to produce and bring to market. This article looks at the history, the challenges, and the latest product launch in force-based touch technology.
By David A. Soss

An Overview of Optical-Touch Technologies

Recent breakthroughs have led to a resurgence in optical touch systems, which were first introduced in the 1970s. Developers have been able to address issues of cost, performance in high-ambient light, and form factor, to name just a few. This article details how these problems have been overcome and what the future holds for this technology, including a look at several completely new approaches to optical-touch systems.
By Ian Maxwell

How to Select a Surface-Capacitive Touch-Screen Controller

Controllers are critical to the performance of all capacitive touch screens, and selecting the right one for your application is critical to the product's success. This article serves as a how-to guide to selecting and integrating a surface-capacitive touch-screen controller and software.
By Carl Bauman

Journal of the SID Preview

Selected papers appearing in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars