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A Park in Nanjing
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
LCD Panels Need More Class
By Alfred Poor

OLED Excitement
Phosphorescent-OLED technology, with its high luminous efficiency, is the key to OLED penetration of the display and lighting markets, and in other markets as well.    
By Mike Hack and Julie J. Brown

AMOLED Backplanes: Amorphous-Silicon vs. Polysilicon
Choosing between amorphous-silicon and low-temperature-polysilicon backplanes for active-matrix OLEDs is critical- and not easy.    
By Jiin-Jou Lih

Long-Term Value Growth of Display Technologies
The market value of newer display technologies is growing faster than the CRT's market value did, and that bodes well for the industry's future.   
By Kimberly Allen

Improving the Moving-Image Quality of LCDs by Using Impulse Driving
New cell designs, LC materials, and overdrive technology have improved the response time of LCDs substantially, but more work is needed to minimize the blurring of moving images.    
By Jun-ichi Ohwada

Large-Screen TV Fuels Record Attendance at CES
The world's largest PDP TV and the world's thinnest rear-projection TV drew crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show, but nothing excited the industry professionals more than rapidly increasing digital-TV sales.    
By Ken Werner

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Twenty Years a PC Curmudgeon    
By David Lieberman