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The 50th Anniversary of All-Electronic Color Television
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
India's Special Economic Zones
By Vikram Kothari

Palmtop Television
Component and system advances are bringing TV to cellular telephones and portable video recorders, but designers must still work hard to achieve acceptable video quality together with low power consumption.    
By Kevin Chalmers

Standardizing Display Interfaces for High-Performance Mobile Telephones
A well-designed and widely adopted standard can benefit all the companies involved in a market, both large and small. The Mobile Pixel Link open standard could do just that for mobile handsets.    
By James E. Schuessler

Displays for HDTV
HDTV presents a variety of challenges to display designers - some obvious and others not so obvious - that must be overcome before HDTV can become a commercial success.   
By Charles Poyntonn

Manufacturing Small- and Medium-Sized Displays
Large-area displays get the glory, but the market for small- and medium-sized displays will grow just as fast- and will absorb Gens 3 and 4 Jab capacity as large-area-display production migrates to Gens 5, 6, and 7.    
By David Hsieh and Barry Young

Eighth Asian Symposium on Information Display
A combination of international speakers and reports from Chinese display researchers drew 500 attendees to ASID '04 in Nanjing; PDP forces used the event to respond energetically to LCD claims.  By Ken Werner

SID News: SID 2005 Honors and Awards Nominations

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane    
By David Lieberman