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By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
Welcome  to the DVD Follies! 
By Peter H. Putman

Shifting LCD Panels into Overdrive    
When  designers realized that cell design  alone  could  not make  LCDs fast enough for video. "overdrive" response-time compensation brought LCD panels up to  TV speed.    
By Dick McCartney

Driving AMOLEDs  with Amorphous-Silicon Backplanes    
It had  been  believed that  current-hungry OLEDs required  expensive poly-Si TFTs, but now it seems that a-Si TFTs can do the job- and that means inexpensive AMO LEDs for TV sets are possible.    
By Koichi Miwa and Atushi Tanaka

The Card That Drives the Display    
Modem graphics cards can draw cormplex, rapidly changing images in real time with cinematic quality, even on multi displays.   
By Tony Tamasi

Seattle, Innovation  Incubator, to Host SID 2004    
The SID 2004 Business Conference described an industry that is buying manufacturing equipment too big to be transported on roads, pursuing R&D of Gen 9 manufacturing systems, and developing cellular telephones that will receive television. Aviation  and  software have  blossomed in the Seattle area;  and. from there,   good   coffee   and   micro-brewed  beer   spread   across   North America.    
By Ken Werner

The 12th Advanced Display Technologies Symposium (FLOWERS 2003)    
Proud of its  roots in Soviet  science.  the  Russian  Federation's display community  mounted  a   research-oriented  symposium  flavored   with beginnings of commercial optimism.    
By Ken Werner

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