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Return to Chunghwa
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
Roll-to-Roll Manufacture of Displays
By Sigurd Wagner

OLED-Display Technology
OLEDs are exciting not only because of their excellent front-of-screen performance, but because their flexibility invites many approaches to materials and device design.
By Kathleen M. Vaeth

Fighting OLED Degradation
New research sheds light on the two ways in which OLED displays go dark, but the complete solution remains elusive.
By Gu Xu

Phosphorescent-Polymer OLEDs
The first phosphorescent-POLED display demonstrates simple structures and high efficiency.
By Shizuo Tokito, Mitsunori Suzuki, and Fumio Sato

Reading the Roadmaps
Rapidly evolving manufacturing techniques and novel technologies make forecasting the future of displays a challenge, but it is possible to locate some very informative mileposts.
By Norman Bardsley

IDMC Meets Taipei: Love at First Sight
IDMC came to Taipei for the first time, producing newsworthy keynote addresses, technical conflicts, reports of new technology and manufacturing technique - and record attendance.
By Ken Werner

SID News
The SID Senior Member Grade Committee Announces the First Two SID Senior Members.
By Shigeo Mikoshiba

Sustaining Members

Index to Advertisers

Displays on the Road
By David Liebennan

Calendar of Display-Related Events