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A Visit to Kent
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
The Case for - and against - an Independent Test Facility for Projectors
Alfred Poor

Reflections on Measurement Methods
Although some issues remain, measurement methods for transmissive LCDs such as those used in desktop monitors are fairly well standardized, but a standard for reflective-LCD performance remains a challenge.
By Michael E. Becker

Bringing Backlights to the Fore
The search is on to develop brighter backlights for LCD TVs and environmentally friendly mercury-free lamps - but the paths these developments take will not necessarily go in the same direction.
By Shigeo Mikoshiba

Managing the Cost of LCD Components
Understanding how regional shifts in LCD production are affecting the component supply chain will help LCD makers do a better job of controlling component costs and weathering industry downturns.
By Vinita Jakhanwal

LCDs: Price and Demand
The seesaw dynamics of the LCD market can be painful, but they are an important part of the engine that continues to drive the rapid expansion of LCD applications.
By Sweta Dash

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Merger Mania: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
By David Lieberman

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