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Table of Contents

2 Editorial

The Other Displacement 

 - Ken Werne

4 The Display Continuum

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills! ...

 - Aris Silzars

12 Thirty Years Later: PDPs Come of Age
In the last 5 years, plasma-display panels have moved from niche products to the brink of high-volume production.

 - Albert Lee

18 Scan-Conversion Techniques

There are two basic ways to show interlaced video on a progressively scanned display, and both involve compromises.

 - Patrick Salenbien

22 The Monitor Interface: Time for a Change?

New, powerful VESA standards are now available to provide relief for monitor makers and their struggles to make do with the now-obsolescent VGA interface.

- Ian Miller

28 Birth of the Active Matrix
Twenty-five years ago, thin-film-transistor technology was a struggling alternative to MOS for the fabrication of FETs - until it found its ideal application .

 - T. Peter Brody 

34 The Tiger Roars in Taipei

Computex Taipei provides a first-hand look at the world's lead monitor-making region, the ascendancy of large screens, and the growth  of LCD monitors

- Bryan Norris 

45 Calendar

52 Sustaining Member

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