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Table of Contents

2 Editorial

CRT Bashing Is Easy- Too Easy

- Ken Werner

4 The Display Continuum
My Friend- The Big Mainframe Computer ...

- Aris Silzars

12 The lOOth Anniversary of the Cathode-Ray Tube
In 1897, Karl Ferdinand Braun invented a device that changed the world.

- PeterA. Keller

18 There's Still Room for a New High-Volume CRT
The CromaClear CRT from NEC Technologies combines the advantages of traditional dot-trio and aperture-grill CRTs, leading to better overall image focus and a reduction in perceived more.

 - David De Vries and Richard Atanus

22 Opinion and Case Study: Neglected Children
Monitor service centers are neglected by monitor manufacturers- and users, service centers, and manufacturers all suffer

- Craig T. Ridgley

26 High Voltage for CRT Displays
A legendary high-voltage designer tells the rest of us what to look for and where to get it. 

- William F. Santelmann, l t: 

32 The History and Future of the Color-CRT Electron Gu

fourteen historical milestones point the way to the next big one

 - hsing-yao (jimmy) chen 

46 sid news 

47 calendar

47 New Products

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