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2 Editorial

Plasma Displays at Thomson. At Thomson/Matra? At RCA/Daewoo?

 - Ken Werner

4 The Display Continuum
The Blind Trust Walk ...

- Aris Silzars

10 CRT Monitors Repel the FPD Challenge
Are people really in such a hurry to get rid of their CRT monitors?
Rhoda Alexander and Brian Fedrow

14 Displaying the Network
When your computer is a network, your display may be an intelligent modular tiling capable of displaying a 100-million-pixel image rendered from network-transmitted data.

- TakaHide Ohkami

18 Designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility
The easiest way to suppress EMI is to design it out from the beginning, which may include using a conductive optical filter to block the EMI-transparent display opening.

- Randal Barber, Gaylene Pryor, and Eric Reinheimer

24 Time-Manipulated 3-D Video
A high-quality 3-D display developed at Cambridge University uses a CRT- and no glasses, lenticular screen, or head-tracking.

- A. R. L. Travis, S. R. Lang, J. R. Moore, and N. A. Dodgson

30 Canon Describes Thin-Film Electron-Emitting Structure at EuroDisplay
Thin-film emitters, polymer conductors, and advances in reflective color displays were part of the news at Europe's
premier display event

 - Ken Werner

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