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Holographic display of three-dimensional images
Holography, a form of three-dimensional lenseless photography invented in 1948, has become increasingly popular for hardcopy applications. With a storage capacity equal to that of optical disks, holograms have an archival potential that has yet to be fully explored.
By Larry F. Hodges, Shaun Love, and David F. McAllister

Dedicated graphics processors aid high-performance applications
Once banished to the computer room or laboratory, graphics processors have found a home in the modern office. Today's systems, based on VLSI technology, are incredibly fast and compact, but standardization is still a problem.
By Larry Morrissey

Three-dimensional TV with cordless FLC spectacles
Ferroelectric liquid-crystal optical shutters make possible a simple system for home 3D viewing: cordless glasses combined with an ordinary TV set and VCR.
By W. J. A. M. Hartmann and H. M. J. Hikspoors


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