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Case study: the first automotive-display touch panel
When a major U.S. automaker decided to add a CRT with touch screen panel to the dashboard of its top model, stringent cosmetic requirements and an environment harsher than aircraft posed enormous design problems. Meeting these challenges took aerospace technology and some creative thinking, and resulted in a pioneering application that marked the debut of touch panels as a consumer product.
By Jan B. Olson

Video/ data projectors
Choosing among the many video / data projectors on the market can be difficult, especially since the industry lacks uniform specification standards. Knowing how performance parameters, such as brightness, are measured can help the buyer make an intelligent choice. The buyer should also understand the differences between the basic projector types, know what to look for during a demo, and be alert to potential problems with the computer interface.
By Paul W. Zimmerman

Television displays for stadiums
Sports arenas have begun to install large-screen TV displays to provide live audiences with the instant replays, slow motion shots, and close-ups they are used to seeing on the home screen. Most commercially available stadium displays fall into one of two types, high-resolution light-valve displays or lower resolution matrix displays that can be viewed in direct sunlight, but other technologies are under development.
By William E. Glenn

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