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Digital control recreates the universe
Here is information display on a cosmic scale: a planetarium projector that can fly you to the ends of the solar system and back; computer control makes it work.
By George Reed, David Millard, and Eric Johnson

New York's Grand Central Terminal: modern information display with a classic face
At busy Grand Central Terminal, a very up-to-date visual information system keeps track of trains and schedules, yet blends in gracefully with the building's Beaux-Arts interior.
By Christopher K. Bennett

Laser scanners and printers: development and trends
Technical advice on choosing a scanning element for a laser printer.
By Leo Beiser

From vision science to HDTV: bridging the gap
An expert in visual perception and a CRT designer compare notes, with interesting implications for the future of HDTV.
By aren G. Glenn and William E. Glenn

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