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Next generation LCDs evolve to meet changing applications
Regardless of how one calculates generations in the evaluation of liquid crystal display technology, it is evident that LCDs are now entering a new era-with, among other developments, new approaches to controlling the shape for electro-optic characteristics, and the integration of drive electronics into the display for implementing direct addressing.
By Alan R. Kmetz, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Murray Hill. NJ.

Guidelines for selecting a video signal generator
Today's video signal generators are highly sophisticated instruments for testing high-resolution color monitors used in CAD/CAE systems-but assuring selection of the right generator necessitates that a buyer consider a number of parameters.
By Bill Nicklin, Test and Measurement Systems, Sunnyvale. CA.

From EMI shields to fire pumps, firm traces growth
SID Sustaining Member- Tecknit, Cranford. NJ-has gained worldwide recognition for innovative research and development of high technology products-from knitted wire mesh shielding devices for EMI to elastomeric connectors for electronic components.

Display and Imaging Technology
This new international journal, devoted to the science and technology of electronic displays, imaging devices, and recording media, is reviewed.
By Derek Washington. Secretary, UK & Ireland Chapter