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Today's technology: Tomorrow's Products
The range of this year's International Display Research Conference (IDRC) - JAPAN DISPLAY 86 - held in Tokyo, September 30 to October 2, was broadened to encompass the expanded frontier of the science and technology of Information Displays, responding to the accelerated demand for a range of display systems including small to large screens and hardcopy devices.

Knife-edge technique improves measurement of CRT beam profiles
An improved technique for measuring spatial profiles of color CRT beams - from which line width, peak luminance, color, and convergence measurements may be derived - uses a knife edge for scanning the beams and a three-detector assembly for developing the profiles of RGB beams simultaneously.
By EG&G Gamma Scientific Inc., San Diego, CA

High-res color monitors drive development of signal generators
To meet the growing concern of high-resolution monitor (HRM) designers, manufacturers, and end-users - on how to measure electrical and visual characteristics of higher resolution HRMs - manufacturers of video (signal) generators (VGs) are pushing the limits of their testing tools toward faster speeds and higher resolutions.
By Edward S. Jacklitch, Marketing Consultant, TEAM Systems, Santa Clara, CA

Information system ties computers, WPs. printers to telecommunications
A multi-function, multi-user information system combines office automation functions (computer, word processor, document filer, printer, copier) with electronic transmittal and receipt of documents to permit a network of operators and decision-makers in locations around the world to perform a variety of operations on a given document.
By NetExpress Systems Inc., San Mateo, CA.

Documentation system automatically plans, supervises work flow
Using artificial intelligence tools, process mapping, queuing theory, and a systems integration approach, engineers have developed an automated document management system that eliminates manual routing and distribution of drawings from the design concept stage through working details to information archiving.
By Eastman Kodak Co., Advanced Systems Group, Government Systems Div., Rochester, NY