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3-D characters, images enhance automotive display panels
In their ever-continuing effort to develop more sophisticated and visually attractive displays for automotive systems, Japanese carmakers last year introduced the first 3-D Fluorescent Indicator Panels (FIPs) in automobiles.
By Yukitoshi Yoshida and others, NEC Corp., and NEC Kagoshima Ltd.

Oversized facsimile prints gigantic displays in color
A jumbo facsimile machine, developed by Japanese engineers, produces billboard sized posters (52 ft x 23 ft) for advertisers in about 90 minutes--considerably faster and less costly than having painters do it by hand from a scaffold.
By Matsushita Graphics Communication Systems.

Guide to SID '86
Alphabetical listing of exhibitors at this year's International Symposium/Seminar/Exhibition, to be held in San Diego, May 5-9, includes exhibit hall floor plan, booth numbers, descriptions of products on display, and vendor personnel to provide information for SID '86 Show attendees.

HUD CRT phosphors exhibit distinctive preferential qualities
Selection of a phosphor screen for a HUD CRT depends upon a number of factors affecting the communication of information vital to a pilot. Three phosphor types are analyzed for their characteristics and performance.
By Roger S. Seymour. Jr., Sr. Design Engineer, Industrial & Government Tube Div., Westinghouse Electric Corp., Horseheads. NY.