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Inverter matrix simplifies matching power to EL lamps
In an effort to simplify the process of matching power sources and EL lamps, one developer has developed a hypothetical matrix that matches unit loads with overlapping lamp output characteristics.

Component positioning, alignment, key to high-resolution
Basic to overall perfromance of the CRT display, of course, is the CRT tube itself. But, to assure state-of-the-art performance in CRT-based, ultrahigh resolution, color film recording systems careful consideration must be given to the electro-optical components required, and the techniques for their precise positioning and alignment.
By John W. Constantine Jr., VP. CELCO. Mahwah. N.J.

Electronic Imaging: An Overview
Advances in computers and semiconductors, in the past decade, has led to commercially viable digital image displslY processors (electronic imaging systems), with which visual scenes are captured directly (or from film intermediary), digitized and processed electronically for display on TV-type monitors or stored, or both.

Electronic Imaging Technology: Products and Services
Special Electronic Imaging Show section lists selected products and service on exhibit at this year's El Conference in Boston, October 8 - 10.



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