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Logic, inspiration generate first thin cathode tube
Inventions often are the direct result of an inspirational flash. But development of the Kaiser-Aiken Thin Cathode Ray Tube was more an outgrowth of a deliberate attempt to reduce the size of existing tubes.
By W. Ross Aiken

Automotive displays: Technologies and trends
Automotive electronic instrumentation is a relatively new display field that is undergoing rapid development in response to new applications.
By Robert A. Grimm, et al. AC Spark Plug Div., GMC

Microprocessor controls vacuum fluorescent display
An electronic instrument panel, consisting of a cluster of Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs). provides required and supplemental driver information for the 1985 Chrysler H-body series of vehicles.
By Gary A. Long, Chrysler Corp, and Hugo Kom, Motorola Inc.

Cold cathode tubes backlight two-color LCD instrument panel
Liquid crystal displays provide a number offeatures that make them particularly suited for electronic automotive instrument panels.
By Shigeru Okabayashi. and others. Nissan Motor Co.

Navigational feature at heart of CRT information center
An interactive CRT vehicle information center, designed for the Continental CONCEPT 100 vehicle. displays a variety of automatic features on a single device-simply by touching the CRT screen.
By Mark W. Jarvis and Richard C. Berry, Ford Motor Co.




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