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Flat-panel displays poised to displace some CRT applications
Regardless of cogent arguments favoring CRTs, flat-panel displays can be expected to infringe on CRTs at an increasing pace, in areas that don't require the unique capabilities offered by shadow-mask CRTs.
By Elliott Schlam. US Army Electronics R&D Command, Ft. Monmouth, NJ.

Higher resolution, fewer artifacts are TV technology goals
Advances in all aspects of TV technology, and the prospect of new TV transmission media, have led to number of proposals for enhancements to present TV systems - as well as completely new systems employing more lines and wider bandwidths.
By Bernard J. Lechner, Advanced Video Systems Research Lab, RCA Laboratories, Princeton, NJ.

Drop tests show annealing restores "abused" magnetic shields
A series of "drop" tests on five magnetic shield cylinders, under accurately controlled conditions, have proved that dropping a magnetic shield degrades its permeability and lowers the shielding effectiveness. But, re-annealing the degraded shield, restores optimum magnetic shielding properties.
By S.M. Kamens, President, Amuneal Mfg. Corp., Philadelphia, PA.

Color display growth spurs development of thermal color copiers
To meet the growing demand for color hard-copy, generated by increased use of color information systems, a number of color printing technologies have emerged - among them the thermal transfer color process. (Cover.)



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