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Computers generate 3-D display for domed movie screen
3-D stereoptic movies, dynamically displaying the creation of stars and life, may be the precursor of more dramatic entertainment and more effective educational programming.
By Fumio Sumi, Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

CRT displays full-color 3-D images
A single CRT display generates true stereoscopic images in full color that can be viewed in 3-D using only a pair of simple polarized eyeglasses.
By Thomas s. Buzak, Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, OR.

Image scanning tied to CAD/CAM produces custom implants
A computer-aided tomography (CT) scanner image processing system is digitally networked and tied into computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) permitting automatic manufacturing of customized prosthetic implants.
By Michael L. Rhodes, Research Director, Multi-Planar Diagnostic Imaging Inc., Torrance, CA.

Printing Technologies: SID'85 Symposium papers
A sampling of papers presented at this year's Information Display Symposium reflects the current vigorous pursuit to develop the perfect printing device.


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