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Quantitative Measures of Display Characteristics
Presents environmental and logistic considerations of display device and system integration, and the parameters pertaining to the interface with the observer. Consideratlons include such factors as physical size, weight, power, signal levels, brightness, contrast and color capability, etc.
By H. R. Luxenberg and Q. L. Bonness

The Determination of Display Screen Size and Resolution Based on Perceptual and Information Limitations
Offers useful handbook-type information to enable the display system designer to determine rapidly the limiting values
of basic display parameters so that he can devote his attention to those unique details inherent to the design of a specific system.

By Glenn E. Whitham

Some Pragmatic Considerations Influencing the Selection of Air Force Display Techniques
Discusses Air Force criteria and considerations utilized in the evaluation and selection of display techniques, including
logistics, availability, and cost. Supporting data underscore the impact of the considerations on military and industrial selections, and the ill effects which result by failing to provide for practical things.

By Edmund J. Kennedy

MAN...and the Navigation-Display Interface
Based on Mr. Nichinson's speech before the joint session of the Society for Information Display and the Institute of Navigation, this presents history and trends in the development of navigation systems, including the importance of Man in such a system, and of the display interface between Man and the balance of the system.
By David B. Nichinson